Infinity Ward Aiming At PS4 & New Xbox For Next Call Of Duty

Hard to know whether it’s the next Call of Duty, or the next next one, or maybe the one after that, but Infinity Ward are certainly thinking about the upcoming new generation of consoles.

In a new job opening, picked up elsewhere, Activision are looking for a Senior Network Engineer at their California-based developers. “Come work with the game industry’s brightest to design and implement high level network code for an exciting unannounced title for next generation console systems,” it says.


“This role is for experienced programmers that have a passion for games and experience with online infrastructure design and development,” says the advert. If it’s Infinity Ward, it’s Call of Duty, right, especially as it mentions “first person shooters”.

Regardless, chances are it’ll still appear on PS3 and 360 too.



  1. Seems to help confirm 2013 release date speculation for next gen.

  2. Surely next year?

  3. CoD in 720p!

  4. Treyarch & IW should have carried on alternating as they currently do & Sledgehammer should have got to work on a next gen engine & a CoD launch title to go with it, obviously it didn’t pan out like that with Sledgehammer being drafted in to make sure MW3 was finished on time, no doubt delaying their own project.

    Presumably the next gen will be powerful enough to maintain CoD 60fps gameplay & run properly in HD with all the bells & whistles turned on.

  5. Does it actually say PS4?

  6. Could still be that Sledgehammer do the 2013 title after Black Ops II. Presumably they had a good bit of pre-production work done on their game before moving to help on MW3, so could jump back to it, with it arriving on PS3, 360, Wii U and then PS4 and NextBox at their respective launches (in the same way as COD3). Then IW would have the 2014 release.

    Especially given that there’s the first Activision/Bungie ‘Destiny’ game down for 2013, would be weird for that to go head to head with the next IW game? But there’s only a Destiny expansion due in 2014, so that might fit better.

    • Especially as Destiny is meant to be current gen, according to what we’ve seen so far.

  7. PS4…. boggles my mind…

  8. They could just be covering themselves and wanting to hire people to start preparing for nextgen, this doesn’t necessarily confirm 2013 release but I hope so.

  9. The thing is PS3 with the proper use of the CPU and GPU working in harmony with the split 256MB x2 RAM can do 720p at 60fps.

    The new Xbox is putting too much pressure on Sony to release PS4 to compete with it and ditch PS3 when PS3 hasn’t even reached its full potential.

  10. Can’t wait to see the idTech 3 engine running gloriously on a PS4…


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