URLs Confirm “PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale” Heading To Vita

In addition to a LinkedIn profile that claims the owner is a sound designer working on both the PS3 and Vita versions of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, Sony have registered a few domains that also point to the fact that there’s got to be a PS Vita version of the scrapper.


They’ve grabbed a few, with alternative spellings too:

  • battleroyalethegamevita.com
  • battleroyalthegamevita.com

Not that any of this should be much of a surprise – both this and LittleBigPlanet Karting should have been announced and confirmed at the time of the PS3 versions – but that doesn’t really matter now.

And anyone thinking Sony don’t have anything left to surprise us with at E3? Don’t worry…



  1. OhmygodweonlyhavethreeminuteswehavetotalkreallyfasttogetalltheinformationoutandohshitIforgottotakeabreath *SPLODES*

  2. Tails vs Clank… the battle of the sidekicks will be finally be decided.. (I hope)

  3. Because of the different url, does that mean a different ‘version’? (Maybe different characters which you can unlock in the ps3 version and vice-versa if you have both?)

    • I bet its got a different name in NA and EU. Battle Royale in EU and Battle Royal in NA.

      • They’re just covering their bases.

        I belive Cutter means “Why have a seperate url for the Vita (not Vida, Americans!) version?”

  4. My only probvlem with this is that this is going to be THE local multiplayer game. SSB isn’t half as much fun played singleplayer as it is with a few friends sharing the couch. And online multiplayer just isn’t the same.

    But if one player could play on the vita VS a few others on a PS3 through some form of cross…. i mean X-functionality, then I’m getting both.

  5. If they could cross play that’d be amazing. I’d love to see sackboy, snake, drake, rachet, Michael from the long live play advert, kevin butler, and maybe some non sony guys if they could get them involved; ezio/altair, issac?

  6. Good if Vita does get it and shares the big hitters with the PS3.

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