Is Sony Buying OnLive Rather Than Gaikai?

We had pretty much assumed Gaikai would be the service Sony is rumoured to be buying but now we are hearing that it may be OnLive instead.

In June 2011 OnLive confirmed they were talking to Sony and Microsoft and in December the same year OnLive said they were ‘open to PlayStation and Xbox integration.’


Meanwhile, on an OnLive fan forum, a poster contacted both GaiKai and OnLive.

Gaikai’s PR department responded:

There are always rumors about companies, and cloud companies, teaming up with console makers. Sorry we can’t be of more help. If you hear of anything more, could you let us know?

Meanwhile OnLive responded with a more familiar phrase:

No comment on this.

Of course OnLive really could not be commenting on the situation – or they may be using the industry standard “yes, its true but we can’t confirm the rumour” code.

It’s expected that whatever the deal is, PlayStation Plus subscribers will get some form of special access. Whether that’s a free trial period or reduced rates is anyone’s guess just now.



  1. OnLive runs like a sack of shit in comparison to Gaikai thanks to having distances up to 1,000k between data centres.

    OnLive have been very quiet, whereas Gaikai have said something massive is happening. Perhaps Gaikai are bigging up their presence because Sony has bought OnLive.

    Wonder if OnLive’s 200 game pack will be free for PS+ customers, certainly can’t see the maths working out on that… but it would be a hard sell to ask customers to stump up a subscription on top of a subscription.

    Aside from OnLive working terribly, Gaikai’s full game trials+buying instruction still seems a better fit to me.

    Still, who knows when Sony are concerned.

    • “Still, who knows when Sony are concerned.”

      Ahh, your Sony hatred showing through again.. Did they kill your dog, or are you still sulking that they took Linux away because Geohot hackedit?

      • CCstar hates sony?! :O Tis surprising considering he owns a PS3, reported news about Sony in a non biased way and doesn’t seem to hate Sony, in fact i think he just likes to have a converstation with his fellow TSAers. Plus how did you get hating Sony from his comment? O-o

      • lol. How is saying “who knows when Sony are concerned” as in… how can anyone second guess what Sony guess what’s going through Sony’s mind, when the whole thing is a bit of a curve ball for a platform holder.

        I’ve only seen a couple of your comments on TSA but it’s clear that here for some reason you’ve taken offence when someone tries to look at which service might fit in better with Sony’s business model. Weird.

      • Sony pats it’s dog ThoughtPolice on the head and gives them a biscuit.

  2. For branding reasons I feel Gaikai should go to Sony, and Onlive go to Microsoft, it would make everything much easier.

  3. It does make sense that they would choose to buy Onlive then Gaikai as it’s already has a big userbase and is known by many gamers. I didn’t even know Gaikai existed. Combine that with SCEE and that would end up sinking.

    But i can’t see Sony allowing exclusives on Onlive if they do buy it as it probably damage the sales of the PS4(if there is one) as well as the Vita. Of course, i still refuse to touch streaming gaming.

  4. Like gaikais sense of humour though!

  5. Intriguing…

  6. New ps3/onlive console and total overhaul of psn will be big reveal for E3 I reckon

  7. Maybe their just going to use both? What’s so wrong with that?

  8. either way absorbing these failed companies would have little impact

    ps4 will be physically driven

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