E3 Signage Shows Sony’s Focus Is On PS Vita

“Never Stop Playing” is Sony’s official marketing line for PS Vita, at least in the States. It’s also what the platform holder appears to have spent a massive amount of money on talking about at E3, if the first shots from LA of the huge signs are any indication.

This sends out a clear message – at least to those that know what the portable is and what its strapline is – that the company is definitely going to focus on Vita this year. A good thing.


PS3 owners shouldn’t feel left out though, we know of a couple of things planned that are going to be pretty big, and for everything else there’s our newly updated rumour page.

Via GAF.



  1. Good, Vita need some big hitters especially to get people buying.

  2. Well it confirms our suspicions. I thought they’d have a focus on Vita but all these PS3 announcements really show how focussed they are this year.

    Just what we need i think, considering the flak that the Vita’s been getting recently.

  3. Roll on next week, Cant wait to see what is coming for the Vita. I have completed all the launch titles and be nice to see something that uses the power of the machine instead of all these little apps.

  4. Some good announcements would really be a shot in the arm for the Vita – I genuinely think mine is the best handheld I’ve ever had, but there’s not enough communication from Sony to the the wider public for it be picked up by them.

  5. Loving my Vita, but still more interested in what is coming up for the PS3.

  6. I wonder how much that sign costs for the 3 days. A lot I bet.

  7. Ties in with Sony’s stated focus for the Vita being existing PS3 owners.

    Hope PS3 gets at least equal billing during Sony’s keynote though.

  8. If the vita wasn’t so dear i’d have it in my hands. Im hoping sony will announce a price cut.

  9. Great….infamous 3 pwease……

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