Humble Bundle 5 Goes Live, is Amazing

The fifth Humble Bundle went live today, featuring five games of various genres on a pay-what-you-want basis. The five games that are included are:

  • Amnesia: The Dark Descent
  • Limbo
  • Psychonauts
  • Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP
  • Bastion (provided you pay above the average)

This is the first ‘proper’ Humble Bundle released for ages, with the previous few bundles being developer-specific or specifically for Android. It’s also possibly the best Humble Bundle to date, featuring some utterly superb games. It’s worth more than the average price for Bastion alone.


You can buy the bundle from the Humble Bundle website, as ever. At the time of writing the average price is $7.15 (about £4.64) and it’ll be available for 14 days. Plenty of time, but can you bear waiting?

For more information on Limbo, see this week’s Cheap PC Gaming, which happened to coincide with both a Steam sale and a bundle featuring the game due to some cosmic coincidence. You should also see Blair’s excellent Steamlog from a month ago, in which he covered Amnesia: The Dark Descent.



  1. Great gaming the budget conscious & it’s for charity too :)

  2. Bought as I really wanted Psychonauts one of the best bundles yet!

  3. Bought it earlier..Iv wanted bastion for soo long and the others are such good games. I couldnt resist. Think the average was $7.00 when i did it.

  4. I just bought the Graduation Bundle yesterday too. Seriously, my Steam consists of only indie bundles these days, aha.

  5. Why don’t they do bundles like this on the PSN.

  6. Paid $12.34, just because the numbers were next to each other on my keyboard.
    All the games for €9.98? Bargain!

  7. This is their best one yet, fantastic. I threw a few dollars more than average just to pay a bit more so I won’t feel like a total cheapskate.

    My Steam catalogue now consists of 88 games, most of which are indie titles thanks to these bundles.

  8. Fantastic deal, not going to get this one as I already have Bastion and Psychonauts, and the other games don’t really interest me. To be honest it’s worth it for those two though, and I’m sure Amnesia and Limbo are brilliant if you like that sort of thing.

  9. Own them all already, but chipped in a little just to lend a smidgeon of support.

  10. Excuse, but how come “This is the first ‘proper’ Humble Bundle released for ages”? They release a ‘proper’ Humble Bundle about every 6 months (one before summer, and another before Christmas). Yes, there where various “developer centric bundles” along the way, and some catch up to do with Android in two consecutive bundles, but anyone seriously following the humble Indie Bundle would have noticed that this is the “5th” proper installment and how regular they are ;).

    Anyway, to anyone wishing to get these games for a very low value, it’s a real steal! Better than buying Limbo on Steam, you can buy the bundle for the price of Limbo alone and redeem all keys on Steam. And the Bundle is also available for Linux, which for me is best part. PC gaming without booting a crappy Microsoft OS.

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