Sony Confirm PS4 Games Are “In Development”

In an interview with GameTrailers, SCEA’s Scott Rohde confirmed that a successor to the PS3 is coming, although he’s (naturally) not saying when, and that games are in development, as you might expect. “We’re not talking about when the machine is coming out,” he said, “but I think anyone on the planet knows that, of course, games are in development.”

He’s also rather coy about why the new machine wasn’t shown this week, despite plenty of rumours to suggest that it might have been shown off. “It’s just something that we didn’t feel was important to bring up this year,” he said.


“We had probably five or ten other games that probably deserved stage time today that didn’t get it.”

Sony aren’t in any particular rush, especially after a no-show from Microsoft earlier.  “Believe it or not, PlayStation 2 still sells well in some parts of the world, so we’re still supporting that to a degree,” he added. “It’s the way this company is set up – to handle those sorts of things – so it’s not something we’re concerned about.”

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  1. “We had probably five or ten other games that probably deserved stage time today that didn’t get it.”
    All Vita based then.

  2. So… why didn’t those games get any stage time? *rolls eyes*
    Wrong priorities.

    • They forgot to pack them in their suitcases :-}

    • I think a lot of stuff in their press conference could of not been included or at least shortened to make room for some of these 5-10 games.
      The talks in between were very long and I think they did spent a bit to much time on Wonderbook.

    • Well how else would they wow us with Wonderbook?

  3. I think E3 next year will be early enough for PS4.

  4. Beyond TS, The Last Of Us, God of war Ascension and the multi platforms; Watchdogs, Hitman, Far Cry 3,SplinterCell, Bioshock Infinite, AC3, Tomb Raider, Dishonoured, GTA5.. With all those AAA titles on the way, why would anyone need a new console?


    • Agreed. Other than the graphics whores, we really are seeing some wonderful games on the current hardware. It’s the same every cycle. The hardware will come when they’re good and ready (or the customer base is positively aching for it).

  5. So that’s why Sonys and M$’s E3 this year was lame compared to previous years. Getting ready to pull out the big guns next year!
    No Butler at Sony E3 either this year.

  6. Instead of speculating around a “PS4” it would be wise for Sony to focus on their current problem: how to be profitable with platforms they sell today. For they are in different situation when compared to Microsoft (with its really aged XBox360 and Nintendo with the fast declining and obsolete Wii).

    IMHO, first problem to be addressed is the ridiculous level of sales of Vita. Everybody agrees that it is a wonderful platform but nobody seems to be in a hurry to spend money on it. It is shocking to see PSPs been sold twice more frequently than Vita and Sony being paralyzed at this situation (well, not really paralyzed because see, now they’re going lo sell a “white PSP”…). Cutting short: either Sony supplies its customers with games that make an investment on Vita worth or they cut Vita associated costs (drop console price or drop memory cards prices).

    Also, speculating around a new console when market performance of current products is not shinny and the problems are not related to the products themselves is not wise. PS3 is not an obsolete platform and it won’t be for the next 3 years. But diverting attention to a possible new product has the effect of making customers more inclined to avoid investments in a platform that can be “out of the market” let’s say, in the next 24 months. It is not good for game developers (and current state of art or AAA games take at least 3 years to be ready for market), for retailers and gamers.

    Besides, we are at a very interesting point concerning hardware development: many manufacturers are advertising amazing low cost, high performance, low energy processors. Particularly Cortex A15 family sounds interesting with incarnations from NVIDIA (Tegra), Texas, etc. Just looking at Tegra, it is a 4 A15 core (2GHz, 1TByte addressable memory) plus a NVIDIA GPGPU that if not really suitable for rendering, is interesting from the vantage point of vector processing (using CUDA or OpenCL). And all gossips point to a PS4 based on AMD + AMD GPU. It’s like “back to the past”.

    • “IMHO, first problem to be addressed is the ridiculous level of sales of Vita. Everybody agrees that it is a wonderful platform but nobody seems to be in a hurry to spend money on it”

      For me it’s the price of the vita that im not rushing out and buying it and really believe Sony need to make a price cut in other to get the sales, had the economy been the same before before it came down on our heads I would have bolted out the door launch day to buy it.

      • Price is a composite stuff. People usually don’t buy consoles as pieces of design (or, for decoration purposes). When there are lots of interesting games, the price of the console is irrelevant in front of the investment that will be done with software. Current situation is that most “serious” gamers purchase Vita for Uncharted, while casual gamers are finding their way in iOS and Android gadgets.

        Then there’s the incognito factor: in Vita you want to play you need dedicated memory chips. Those are ridiculously expensive and it seems that several would be needed to store data if player has a large portfolio of games. Thus console cost is increased by this memory cost and presently nobody presents how this cost scale.

      • You talk words, my man. (to orimisac)

  7. Yup, Microsoft and Sony were bursting to tell everyone about their new consoles but there is still great games in this gen.

  8. A PS4 announcement would have only helped further shove Vita down the list of priorities…

    • true, but they didn’t show anything of the Vita anyway, so it wouldn’t of matter

  9. Let’s hope they inputting the ps4 with the bits you know wii U like & push developers or pay them to do it

  10. Would of liked to have seen some new titles for VITA considering i’m buying one in the next week or so. They won’t shift the sales that they need to if they don’t put VITA in the spotlight.

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