Wii U Virtual Hands On And Game Guides With The Girls

Nintendo are doing an excellent job at this year’s E3 of keeping up a steady flow of news about the upcoming software for their existing and upcoming consoles.  With multiple streamed shows that are often targeted presentations, as opposed to random show floor reports from the company’s blog staff, before and during E3 itself they are providing plenty for you to see or for us to tell you about.

For those of your who were not watching Nintendo’s press conference streamed via their own e3.nintendo.com (or .co.uk, etc.) or who simply did not hang around afterwards you would have missed this banana-cupping presentation:

Clearly Nintendo really took to heart the criticism they received a year ago at the lack of clarity of the Wii U presentation at the time and have learnt from it.  Out on the show floor itself Nintendo have selected some of their more photogenic employees to host short guides providing greater detail about some of the Wii U’s first party titles.

As a long-time fan of the series since its release ten years ago(!) on GameCube, Pikmin 3 really does look great to me.  Check out the shine and texture on the leaves when they catch the light to see some of the visual fidelity Nintendo are adding to make the game’s environment so much richer.  Oh, and you can watch Krysta tossing Pikmin too.

Jessie grabs Mario with both hands and makes little Yoshi swell up.

Watch Jessie work out with Wii Fit U.

Are the Wii U’s games starting to look good to you yet?



  1. Great stuff, just love that you can continue playing the same game on the remote when the TV is needed for other peoples recreationals. If only the Vita was capable…wait….no

    “Nintendo have selected some of their more photogenic employees to host”
    Haha, we want political correctness, bring on the elephant man! :P

  2. “watch Krysta tossing Pikmin” / “Jessie grabs Mario with both hands and makes little Yoshi swell up” – are you sure Tuffcub didn’t write this article? :-)
    This seems like typical Nintendo – looks great now, but will any real gamers be playing 6 months after launch?

  3. Getting impressed now. Wasn’t blown away by their conference but I’m loving the look of some of the upcoming games. Would gladly pick up ZombiU, Pikmin3, Aliens and Rayman at launch

  4. “Clearly Nintendo really took to heart the criticism they received a year ago at the lack of clarity of the Wii U presentation at the time and have learnt from it.”
    I must have been watching another presentation.
    Nintendo is still vague about the hardware.
    No specs listed, not much info about their online community, prices are still unknown.
    And the worst thing of all : to show they are welcoming third parties to the new system they showcase some updated old games like Batman Arkham City and Mass Effect 3.
    I don’t so a lot of people buying those again just for the second screen gimmick.

    • My opinion too, it was just as bad as a year ago, if not even worse as they should have known what they needed to do.

      The day before the keynote, Ninty held an event to get the hardware details out the way, I thought that was an excellent idea but it was still really vague, (they also announced a seperate 3DS presentation so even that wouldn’t bog down the wiiU excitement) then in the keynote which was supposed to be all about the games, they kept saying they’ve got 23 games & that would be a squeeze in just an hour, but then proceeded to waffle on with awkward, unnatural, fake conversations which took up most of the time.

      The good stuff was shown in fleeting glimpses in montages & then they dwelled on ‘old’ PS360 games that everyone’s either bought or decided not to.

      The conference annoyed long time Ninty fans by not showing ZeldaU or MarioKartU or whatever & annoyed core users by dwelling on crapware like Nintendo Land

      Just terrible.

      Second screen gaming looked quite challenging, certainly something my Mum couldn’t do, so I think the WiiU will be a tough sell for Nintendo.

      • The post-show was miles better than the show. Something massively wrong there.

      • All I wanted to see was a full Zelda game that looked like the mock-up we’d all seen previously.

        Well, that’s a lie. All I really want from Nintendo is a main Pokemon game on a home console, with all the power of a home console behind it. A 3D engine, third person view, with all the usual battle mechanics (MUST be turn-based)- would be epic.
        I’ve only been saying it since I first played Pokemon Silver…

    • You don’t think they’ve done a good job of explaining what the hardware can do? Sure they haven’t given detailed hardware specs such as model numbers for the CPU and GPU or their transistor counts but does that matter? Nintendo have always been coy about the specific details of their hardware in all their consoles. They’re not interested in playing games of “my gigahertz is bigger than your gigahertz”.
      Sure if your just comparing keynotes, there weren’t any more hardware details this year than last, but we knew that ahead of time, because they told us that the keynote would be all about the Wii U software.
      Starting from Sunday they’ve shown a relatively huge amount of software and system features but no, it’s not technical details, it’s all about what the software can do with the hardware. It’s a games machine, they’re showing you the fun you can have with the games. Isn’t that why you buy a video games console not to boast that yours has the most RAM?
      As for the pricing, we’re still probably five months from launch and with the world currencies doing what they’re doing I wouldn’t want to be trying to set global prices yet. Some rumours are trickling out and they will probably be gauging reaction to them. With gamescom and TGS still to come before launch they’ve still got two big platforms where they can go big on the launch details.

  5. seriously!how long are you going to be able to hold that controller for!
    …….mmm *thinking RSI, injury claims for you*…..mmm £££££$$$$$


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