Jaffe Leaves Console Development, Says Consoles Will Die Soon

I love David Jaffe. David Jaffe loves everything he’s involved in. He thinks God of War is the best action game ever. He thinks Twisted Metal is the best vehicle combat game ever. He thinks Calling All Cars is… well, exceptions prove rules. The point is, Jaffe loves his work and for that, I love Jaffe.

But enough of the painfully unreciprocal bromance, let’s read about what Jaffe thinks of something he’s not involved with anymore: consoles. David left Sony’s feathery underarm mere months ago and he’s already predicting the end to their only profitable arm of business.


Look, consoles are going away. I think in 10 years – probably sooner, but 10 years is always the safe thing to say so you don’t sound like an idiot – but here’s what I’ll say: I’ll go on the record and say that the next generation of hardware will be the last consoles. And they should be

Now, before we all start roaring and wailing about what an outspoken idiot David Jaffe is because he holds the opinion that something we really like quite a lot is going to die soon, let’s take a moment to consider how much things have changed in this business in ten years and what the next ten years might bring.

Can you imagine if, in 2002, someone had told you that people in general would spend more time playing games on a website than they spend playing games on consoles that plug into a television. And yet, Facebook gaming is by far a bigger time sink than consoles, for far more people. I remember people being roundly ridiculed for suggesting that most games would be bought and downloaded rather than purchased in shops and I’m fairly sure that wasn’t even ten years ago. Ten years ago, YouTube wasn’t even an idea.

Jaffe isn’t predicting the demise of console makers, or gaming. He’s saying that what those makers sell us and the way we obtain those games is likely to change. Sony would become content providers, streaming games to us that we play on their space age foldaway television screens, or whatever they’ll be making in ten years time.

The next ten years are likely to be driven by soaring HD development costs, soaring mobile gaming market share and profitability (unless that bubble pops, and then we’re all screwed) and potentially great leaps forward in broadband and streaming technology. Jaffe might not be wrong, you know.

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  1. I really can see the gaming sectors firmly splitting between the indie genre that is fed by small start ups which we see plenty of now Steam wise, the big grandee’s for consoles and the utter tosh time sinkers for casual gaming. Casual gaming will always end up being a huge sector hence the name. They’ll always be a console for the “real” gamer whatever that has become. I think its more to do with what we consider a console to be. More and more they are taking over in other forms. I can see it becoming more integrated with a TV subscription. I wouldn’t put it past Sky/Virgin to launch some god awful attempt at it. If anything I’d have thought TV as a whole would be suffering from our time sinking a tad more. Who knows :)

  2. Certain publishers are slowly building up to the demise of the consoles or even the whole hobby of gaming we’ve all become to love, DRM, Online Passe’s, Gimme all your money to Swing a arm F2P system, Locked DLC on disc from launch and excessive price for DLC and games is the worst elements that this gen has introduced. Indies seem to be thriving with so many interesting games being released on Steam, PSN and XLBA. I guess the boxed model is on the way out regarding marketing and ease to buy in Belfast these days.

    I have no interest whatsoever of Facebook or internet games personally I find them to be non-appealing, the mobile platforms have interesting games and its help that they’re cheap. Long as Jaffe develops on iOS or Android then good. I would only play it once and never go back as usual with a few 69p games that are purchased though.

  3. Consoles wont die but I do think the PC market will grow and take a chunk out of the console one.

    • I think you have nailed it on the head right here, The PC can already do “Next Gen” visuals.
      The hunger for console gaming is still strong… maybe we will see a 2 man battle instead of a 3 console battle this gen…

    • I agree with this, consoles will not die, if the mainstream hardcore (Sony/Microsoft) gaming goes online then you will definitely see indie consoles/games being made for cheap.

    • Pretty much there, consoles in my opinion also won’t even die as they are. Instead they’ll evolve to adapt to media markets currently dominated by Netflix/Apple etc.
      Although if that doesn’t happen, they’ll probably die along with physical media…

  4. “potentially great leaps forward in broadband and streaming technology”

    Doubt it. Will probably still be sat here in 10 years waiting for this video to buffer.

  5. consumers will decide that & most have no interest in it.

  6. Consoles are dying. I used to be a PC gamer in the 80’s and 90’s but migrated to consoles because the quality of gaming was close to its PC counterpart but incredibly cheaper and alot more user friendly. With consoles there was no updating software or game installs. It was cheap and easy. Now it’s about the same price for an average PC or a launch console, but PC games are cheaper, prettier, and in cases like BF3, Skyrim, and every MMORPG/FPS the experience is better. Plus in 1984 it was cool to have an electronics cabinet filled up with different electronic devices, but nowadays people want everything in one package. With tablets taking off in popularity and implementation of daily life, in 10 years people will use their tablets and smart(er) phones so much that turning on a device that isn’t part of the system will become too much of an inconvenience. But Sony and MS can always start listening to their customers and prevent the console-pocalypse, if they choose to survive.

    • not for me much prefer the huge catalog of games Sony has do not care for PC games.

      • Yeah, i’ll never be a PC gamer – Far too much faffing around with constant upgrades to hardware, having to download new drivers every five seconds just because something has a different particle effect (not better, just different) & al that sort of malarkey.

        It was mentioned about patches & whatnot, but the fact still remains that the console i bought was the console i bought & has incurred no further expense to me other than games. I just buy the game i want, put it in & as long as i have the HDD space (which admittedly, i often don’t, but that is just because i buy & not finish so much!), it patches itself (if required), installs itself (if required) & i am good to go.

        Things need to be that simple for me, as i intend to spend my money on new games & experiences, not ensuring i have the right kit to simply run the latest game.

        Not knocking PC gaming, as i can see why people like it, it just isn’t for lazy cheap arse bar stewards like me. :)

      • Honestly it is nothing like that you build a decent PC it will last longer than a console will. PC games nowadays rarely test systems to the point where you ahve to upgrade. Everyone gets the view that its expensive from Crysis. If you spend £500 on a PC it will last longer and will be cheaper in the long run (games are cheaper and not to mention you dont need to buy a separate PC like you would with a console).

      • Clearly you underestimate my ineptitude with that sort of thing – I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between windows & erm, doors. :)

        If it came to it, i wouldn’t even know where to start. Consoles work for me out of the box with minimal setup & that is what i like.

      • Yeah I understand the appeal of just out of the box working. My bad!

      • Yeah, simply put, i am a bit of a dumbass & so the more done for me, the better! :D

    • I’m a lifelong PC gamer, and a smartphone addict, and i migrated to a PS3.

  7. Ehh, i don’t know what to think anymore, I can’t be bothered to agree or disagree with predictions like this.


    • Well said ;) I’ve had enough speculation over the last few week.

      I do think this section “Can you imagine if, in 2002, someone had told you that people in general would spend more time playing games on a website than they spend playing games on consoles that plug into a television. And yet, Facebook gaming….” isn’t the best example to show unexpected changes in gaming that we’ve had. Most of us here, I would predict, are hardcore gamers and not the people who play short, basic games on facebook. I for one still only play console games, and have done for the last 20 years. Facebook gamers aren’t necessarily console owners/gamers and wouldn’t even be slightly concerned that consoles might die in 10 years. I hate facebook, let alone any games it offers, and notifications that Dave’s Auntie has a new high fucking score of Sim Tetris Farm Crystals.

      • Well said, couldn’t agree more. I too don’t play games on anything other than my PS3, and there are still so many games I haven’t got round to playing on that!

      • Facebook games are only popular as they are available whilst people are spending their time stalking other people.

        If facebook was nothing but a platform for games, it would die a quick death.

      • Absolutely right.

        Just because a bajillion people waste their time on Farmville doesn’t mean any less people are interested in consoles. In fact, most of those people have never and will never be the type of gamers to buy a console (or gaming PC) in the first place.

        On the other hand, browser games might be a gateway drug to real gaming for some people – so isn’t console gaming looking stronger than ever? :)

      • Virtual dogging for the masses!

      • That said, I know what Peter is trying to say. I think this Mr Jaffer Cakes is probably right – with offerings like OnLive, decrease in retail outlets, and the increase in digital media, it is certainly possible that consoles might not be around, and I don’t think he’s inaccurate to speculate that. Hopefully there will be some hardware other than a fully virtual, cloud-based offering. I do hope he is wrong though, as I like to turn my fun-tokens into something I can physically touch and hold: games, CDs, hookers :p But times, they are a changin’

  8. OK is he into PC or is he into that Apple $1 shit? I didn’t quite understand where he’s going.

    • He is making a free-to-play browser FPS so PC.

  9. Maybe he’ll join up with Peter Molyneux and work on Twisted Facebook or iPopulous.

  10. iOS gaming doesn’t really appeal to me. Can’t see console dying so long as cod is about. The day cod/FIFA become stream only is the death of consoles.

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