Grand Theft Auto Vita Mentioned In Survey

Hey, remember Gran Turismo Vita being mentioned in a survey yesterday? Well, here is the sequel as a new survey has been spotted and it asks:

“Imagine you bought the PS3 version of the latest Grand Theft Auto game. As you’ve bought the PS3 version of the game, you would be able to download the PS Vita version of the game with a discounted price (from the normal price of £29.99).”


The survey then lists a number of discounts.

Further on in the survey respondents are asked if they would prefer digital versions of PlayStation 3 games if they were £5 cheaper than their Blu-ray counterparts, and lists Uncharted, LittleBigPlanet, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, Assassin’s Creed and Gran Turismo.

The survey then asks the same question for PlayStation Vita titles and Gran Turismo makes an appearance but Assassin’s Creed vanishes from the list – which is odd as we know its coming to Vita – and is replaced by, you guessed it, Grand Theft Auto.

Let the OMG WTF speculation begin.


Source: Digital Spy



  1. Please GTA on the Vita. I wouldn’t be off my Vita.
    GTA best game series ever!

  2. Aye GTA staved of my PSP’s boredom.

    Actually GTA on PSP was brilliant all 3 of them.

    This would sell Vita’s.

    • Maybe this is just me but I thought china town was a bit iffy rubbish, I bought this for the vita & didn’t expect it to be cartoonish like that like retro city rampage

  3. I also did that survey but got Call of Duty and Ratchet & Clank on that question, so I think they just randomly give you games from an earlier list.

  4. 5 quid cheaper than the boxed version?
    they mean 5 quid cheaper than the rrp of boxed versions, and most stores will sell them at least that much cheaper anyway.

    maybe Rockstar could follow Ubisoft’s lead and make the protagonist of a Vita version of GTA a women.
    i mean ten games, 12 if you count Ballad of Gay Tony and Lost and the Damned as separate games, and they were available on disc on their own so maybe they do count, and they’ve all featured male leads.

    it’s not like some series where the game features an iconic man character, each game has featured a different protagonist.

    anyway, they could do the proper GTA gameplay you get on the home versions and combine that with some of the touchscreen gameplay from the Chinatown wars game.

    hey, maybe i’ll have a Vita by the time any GTA gets released on it.

    • I wouldn’t like a GTA game with a woman as the main character, it just wouldn’t feel right playing as a woman in GTA.
      I also wouldn’t like the GTA series to take place outside of the U.S. which a lot of people want for some reason.
      I don’t think any cities outside of the U.S. fits the GTA series, other than some of the large metropolitan in Eastern Asia like Shanghai or Tokyo..

      • well they already made GTA london, so i don’t see why how it won’t “fit”.

        i think they should go outside the US for GTA 6. if the rumours of 5 are true, that characters from the previous games well make cameos. i think it would be a good way to end the “era”.

        and they’ve done the big cites in the US…twice over. lol

      • And yet GTA is British game.

      • “I wouldn’t like a GTA game with a woman as the main character, it just wouldn’t feel right playing as a woman in GTA.”

        funny, i just remembered you could choose to play female character in the 1st ever GTA game.

      • i have to ask why you think it wouldn’t feel right playing as a women in GTA?

    • I have a feeling a female led GTA would quickly show just how sexist the gaming community can be…

    • ia, but it will never happen. women don’t play games remember, and if they did they’re definitely not playing GTA .

      besides how do you expect men to relate to the main character is she is female?!

      i want to get a vita now just for liberation, a WOC as a protagonist?…i’m in lol.

      • Hold on what you mean women don’t play gamed, the female gaming community is up & rising also tomb raider is a female lead does that mean its aimed at females? Assassin creed vita female lead does that mean its aimed at females? It would be a refreshing idea if gta did a female lead cause after San Andreas gta just wasn’t doing it for me.

      • i was being sarcastic….sorry that wasn’t clear lol. >__<

        but regarding your comment. i remember hearing years ago that the original developers of tomb raider only made her female because they didn't want to be staring at a man's arse for the duration of the game, add that to the comments they've made recently about the new game and the trailer….

        imo i don't think tomb raider is aimed at female gamers.

  5. GTA: San Andreas Stories.

    Anyone else cream their pants at this title? I did.

    • No it was actually at your avatar.

  6. Out of the games mentioned I’m hoping both GT and GTA have cross play.
    In the survey I put that I would be unlikely to buy both versions (PS3, Vita) if they were both full price. The discount offered for the second version went from £2.50 up to just over £20 so I hope there’s a nice discount for Plus ‘ers. It also mention getting the second version free but I can’t see that happening with the big franchises.

  7. Think gta vita is pie in the sky. At best it’d be gta lite compared to full console version. I’m all for a gta on vita as long as it’s designed around the vita rather than a cut down version of gta 5. Agree with earlier poster that It’d be better to revisit some of the earlier gta for the vita could handle them. Agree san andreas is a good place to start. Let’s mow us down some folk with a combine harvester!

  8. if they bring out a GTA vita game i hope they bring it out on PS3 like they’ve done before.

    except chinatown!..where is chinatown? must be shit.

  9. Loved the game’s on PSP so a GTA Vita would be amazing. In my opinion the Vita will need these sorts of games to be successful.

  10. Argh, Vita, Vita, Vita. Some scumbag nicked the bag containing my Vita last night in Leicester Square.

    • Guarantee it was a foreigner or a Chav. It’s never anything else lol.

      • Nice bit of racism there. Oh dear.

    • Jeez, that’s really bad luck man, I’d be gutted and on a death mission. If it’s a 3G would there be any sort of way to trace it possibly?

    • A moment of silence please for the vita lost

      • *Tumbleweed rolls past during silence*

      • It wasn’t a 3G, but in trying to put a positive spin on events, I’m probably going to use it as an excuse to upgrade.

        …..and it probably was a chav, almost as gutting was the loss of tickets to the Bill Bailey show we were about to watch.

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