Blacklight: Retribution To Join Steam’s F2P Roster

Easily one of the strongest free-to-play offerings we’ve seen this year, Zombie Studios’ Blacklight: Retribution will soon be gunning its way to Valve’s popular digital distribution service. The well-received futuristic shooter has already amassed over a million registered players whilst holding down an impressive GameRankings average of 81.14%, made popular by its Call of Duty-esque gunplay and distinctive visual style.

When it launches on Steam later this year, the game will be kitted out with exclusive in-game items and a spread of unlockable achievements.


As some will already know, Retribution isn’t the first instalment in the Blacklight series. The first, Tango Down, was released as an ambitious budget alternative to heavy-hitting blockbuster shooters back in 2010. Despite showcasing glimmers of innovation, the game felt slightly under-developed and out of place among its contemporaries. However, Retribution is in many ways a different kettle of fish, sporting a sensible F2P business model and addictive gameplay.

We went hands-on with the game back in April. If you can’t wait, Blacklight: Retribution is also available via Perfect World’s official site.

Source: Joystiq


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  1. Yay perfect World, least I needn’t have to make another freakin account for a F2P game.

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