Rage To Get ‘Scorchers’ DLC?

Siliconera have spotted a recent PEGI rating for Rage: The Scorchers.

These toasty individuals were the only bandits cut from the original game but it looks like they may eventually turn up as DLC.


Rage was released back in October 2011 and has been in the software charts for many months, thanks in part to price cuts.

The Scorchers has been rated for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Source: SiliconEra



  1. Cool! Not gone back to finish Rage yet, so might hold off until this comes out!

  2. Are you sure it’s DLC?

  3. Sorry ID, your game made me rage & i subsequently sold it. Take that! :D

    But serously though, far too little far too late – Especiailly if it was content cut from the original game. No excuse for it to be this late.

  4. DLC that’s not of the day-one variety? Practically an endangered species these days…

  5. So it’s coming out 5 days ago? Awesome!

    • Haha – That sir, is a very good point!

      Do we think it was canned then, or just late?

      • PEGI release dates are never accurate

  6. Oh dear, i finally got around to playing it a month ago and traded my copy in when i finished as it seemed to finish abtuptly.

  7. I started playing Rage again last week so I could finish then sell it and just knew this was likely to happen. Lucky I got bored and haven’t finished the co-op yet. Not a bad game if it weren’t for the slow loading textures.

  8. Can’t believe they are releasing dlc,Rage came out what seems like a decade ago.I did enjoy it though!Not sure i’ll bother with this though.

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