Tony Hawk Heads Up Xbox 360 Exclusive “Summer Of Arcade” Promotion

This year’s Summer Of Arcade promotion – an Xbox 360 only thing consisting of normally top tier digital offerings – has been detailed.

It kicks off on July 18th with Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD, which will sell at 1200 MS Points.


Following that on the 25th is Wreckateer for 800 points, then Deadlight a week later for 1200.

August 8 sees Hybrid at 1200 points and the last game, Dust: An Elysian Tail, will go for the same price on the 15th.

If you purchase any three of the above titles, you’ll also get 400 points credited.



  1. July 18th, getting later and later…

  2. But what about the playsatan?

  3. PS3 version a “few weeks later”

  4. Interest in Tony Hawk’s has bailed to Zero.

    • Yep, well done Activision you have lost yourself another sale.

  5. Are there any plans to bring Tony Hawk HD to the Vita? If not that’s a missed opportunity!

    • That’s what I say about most downloadable titles.

    • None that are public.

  6. What does 1200ms points equate to in ‘real world’ money though?

    • Depends on your currency – about £10, or “barely enough petrol to get to the end of the road”

      • Oh dear – I had a feeling it was going to be around that sort of price point for some reason. Bit spensive if you ask me.

      • I suspect part of the pricing is due to the music licensing.

  7. I’m a little pissed it’s going to be a timed exclusive, but, this is a must have game for me this year and £10, for me, is not a hefty price tag as I know I’ll play this more than any top priced game on the market.

    • But take away the HD sheen & you basically have a game that we all played (& probably completed) years ago.

      Not knocking the nostalgia of course, but for me it needed to be just a touch cheaper.

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