Ground Assaults Have Never Looked So Good In New PlanetSide 2 Trailer

Sony Online Entertainment has been labouring away over the past year, putting together one of the biggest, most ambitious massively multiplayer online shooters on the market. With the game slowly creeping towards beta, the acclaimed online gaming studio has posted another trailer, this time focusing on ground combat.

PlanetSide 2 isn’t your everyday deathmatch shooter. Players will have to align with one of three factions before establishing one of numerous military careers, the in-game skill system allowing you to build a soldier to suit your own personal gameplay style.


Instead of taking part in fifteen-minute skirmishes, in PlanetSide 2 you are fighting a constant war in an attempt to expand territory and acquire resources. Auraxis is an ever-changing warzone and as long as the servers are up anything can happen with up to 2000 combatants capable of being crammed into a single battle.



  1. looks hectic, certainly interested as its something different but I didn’t get on with MAG so if its anything like that I wont be buying. Hopefully I can get into the beta for a bit of testing.

    • i just realised this is for Mac/PC. D’oh ! Oh well, I could give it a go on my mac anyway, to see what its like.

  2. With 2000 players, I imagine it will be a lot like MAG where it feels as if there are far fewer on the battlefield as you’re so far away from each other.

    • Sort of like MAG but on the other hand so much more.

      The first Planetside was pretty amazing in scope and scale and something that has never been replaced in my opinion. MAG sort of filled that void but it wasn’t enough. PS/PS2 doesn’t have rigid objectives or set goals or a time limit. It doesn’t segregate the masses of players into smaller parts of the map.
      If you want to, you can join all of the other platoons in a massive push to take a single plant.

      It also allows all three factions to fight at once wherever, whenever.
      The 2000 player count is distributed across all three factions per server so you’ll only ever have 665/6 team mates at anyone time.

      When I played PS1, it wasn’t uncommon to have 50-100 people in the immediate vicinity (spread across vehicles and people).

      Watch a few gameplay videos and you’ll see that it’s absolutely huge – glue a few BF3 maps together, crank up the vehicle and player count and add a third side and that’s only an idea of what it’ll be like.

      It also has a day-night cycle which can affect tactics in a big way. There is so much to this and it’ll be free to play. Nothing quite matches the feeling of a full galaxy drop into contested territory.

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