Manic Miner Lands On Xbox 360

Matthew Smith’s wonderful 80’s platformer Manic Miner is now available on the Xbox 360.

Hidden away in the Indie Games section of the Marketplace, it’s the latest game available and it’s there for just 240 Microsoft Points. It’s an Indie game so that means no Achievements, but – believe it or not – back in the day such a system didn’t exist.


It’s less than 2mb to download, too, so it’s pretty much instant, and there’s various options including scanlines and full screen. Emulation seems perfect (to me at least) but the free demo will give you a good taster of what to expect.

See if you can get over 1700 points on Central Cavern.



  1. We need it for PS3. Even as a mini. While your at it, I’d like Elite, Jet Set Willy and Ninja Scooter Simulator please!

    • Manic Miner that brings back some memories, Then you blast in Jet Set Willy. I think they should release them both as Mini’s. Thats the only way I’d but them. Although I do own Xbox I don’t play it.

    • I would love Elite

  2. In the hall of the mountain king

  3. This brings back such fond memories of utter frustration.

  4. Maybe we’ll get Horace Goes Skiing next……

  5. woo hoo! Think I’ll be getting this then. I’d love for some form of save as well. All those old games were so difficult as they were always played in a single sitting.

  6. Now that’s a reason for me to get a 360! Not bothered by other stuff but that interests me!!!

  7. Best gaming series ever imo of course :)

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