PS3 “BBC Sports App” Enters Beta Stage, Available Now

[drop2]Quick heads up – Sony have just let us know that the BBC Sports App is now available from the PSN. It’s in beta stage, but apparently working nicely – it’s free too.

It’s clearly aimed at the Olympics, but it’ll be in full swing before Wimbledon serves up its annual slice of tennis, and it’ll drive content from Formula One too.


I don’t really do sport, but if you do, let us know what it’s like.



  1. Just gave the app a try. Works better than the one on TiVo. :P

  2. Got another Freeview HD Channel the other day to :P (for my Freeview HD:TV Box UK) That is 5 HD Channels now, WOW not much i know but better than nothing :D It’s a BBC HD Sports one for the Olympics. Hopefully Channel 5 HD will come by the end of the year(i.e BBC HD Sports will change to Channel 5 HD, if Channel 5 bothers going for the HD Channel) + COOL PS3 App, can’t see me watching the Olympics tho, i would rather play PS3 games;)

    • Quite tempted to buy an HDfreeview box, despite not being able to get E4hd(purely for Big Bang Theory atm:) You comment may have closed the deal. I havn’t checked yet, but guessing PlayTV provides no HD channels. It’s a waste & annoying, having my HDtv running only SD programmes.

  3. Unless i can set fire to athletes or toture them via the red button in the sports app, i’m not interested. But i can see a lot of people using it. That said, some people are more likely to use their TV to watch sports live and the app to catch up on any missed matches due to the missus watching Eastenders and threatening to take away their manhood. ;)

  4. Downloaded this and i have been sat here for 20 minutes and can’t get one single video to play, always says sorry this content isn’t available :S

    • Just keep trying the video, it will eventually work!

  5. So its in BETA and i used it last night and found a problem… does anyone have an idea where i can actually report the bugs?

    FYI, bug i found was with 5.1 audio only coming out of 1 speaker (rear left strangely…)

    • Your lucky, I got no sound. I’m speaking in past tense, as now it wont load at all.
      As for bug reporting, afraid I can’t help there & as for covering Wimbledon, not happening, it starts today.

  6. I can’t even find it to download.
    I’ve tried the search option on the store and still nothing.

    • My Channels XMB.
      (atm it barely resembles alpha stage.)

      • Thanks for that – I’ve never looked at that and always assumed everything was on the store.

  7. Just in time for the Olympics, terrific! (Well, they did have that in mind)
    But still, fabulous! xD
    Can’t wait to try this app for myself :-)

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