Ubisoft Triple Pack Returns

The Ubisoft triple pack containing Outland, From Dust and Beyond Good And Evil HD that we spotted back in January, which then vanished last month, is now back.

It appears to be the Schrödinger’s cat of the gaming world and we look at to too closely it will probably stop existing again.


The only difference between the January and June versions of the compilation is that the PlayStation 3 version is nowhere to be seen.

Maybe it’s off having kittens.

Or something.

This metaphor isn’t working too well is it? I think I need coffee.

Amazon are listing the pack as the ‘Ubisoft Xbox Live Hits Collection’ for £17.99 whilst Play.com are offering the three games at a wallet busting £15.99.

Source: Play.com



  1. Great stuff. However, after getting Outland via PS+ I probably won’t be buying the full pack.

    • I’m the same, but might buy the triple pack to get From Dust, loved the demo. Think I will wait for the price to come down a bit first.

  2. I already have two of them don’t see the point of a x3 though if its not digital.

  3. Poor Kitteh .. got tangled up in a ball of string theory :p
    Nice bundle, already have two of them so not for me.

  4. I’d love to get this for the PS3. A Vita version would be even better.

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