Nintendo Reveal 3DS XL

Nintendo have revealed, as part of their overnight Nintendo Direct show, a new 3DS.

The 3DS will have larger screens and a better battery, and will retail for $200 in August when it’s released. The new unit, as seen in these first shots, looks much like a Wii U.


It’s great being an early adopter, eh? Regardless, for some reason there’s still no second stick, which is a baffling omission when Nintendo had the chance to get this right.

UK details expected today.



  1. Clearly they have a new Circle Pad Pro XL accessory planned. Guess they don’t want to fully admit they’re wrong and add a second pad now. Obviously saving that for the next-gen handheld console they’ve said they’re already thinking about. Not that I miss it on my 3DS thought to be honest.

    • I was planing on picking up a 3DS when a second pad was added, really didn’t expect them to do an update without the extra pad. Guess I’m not going to play with Luigi anytime soon.

  2. No second stick is indeed baffling. Wifey has got a 3ds but I could be tempted with this after a while if price comes down. Biggest issue is that the games catalogue for the 3ds ( when compared to ds) is still weak. I know its nintendo and they do have some killer exclusives but its still, in my opinion, a bit of a poor line up. However given my lifestyle is changing and I barely see my 360 or ps3 anymore handheld is becoming far more of a draw.

  3. I went in to Game a few months ago and asked if Ninty were planning to release a 3DSXL as my mrs wanted one, and they told me no plans, but if there were I wouldnt be able to afford one! Havent gone back into Game since, but at least I can get one for her now!

    • To be fair mate, not many people could afford them at the prices Game charge

      • I hear they have started offering re-mortgaging options.

  4. Apparently it doesn’t even include a power cord: “The Japanese and European versions will ship without AC adapters as a money-saving measure (really!)”

    • Wtf? That’s bonkers.

    • that is possibly the single most idiotic thing nintendo have done, and they’ve been pretty bloody boneheaded in the past.

      i can see a wave of returns the day after launch.

      “i brought this back, i want my money back”
      “what’s wrong with it”
      “it won’t work anymore, i was playing it, and it turned itself off and won’t turn on again”
      “the battery probably ran out, did you try recharging it?”
      “what with?”
      “ahh, i’ll get you money”

  5. Why on earth didn’t they add the second stick? The add on adapter is one of the most ugly things I’ve ever seen!

  6. Looking more closely at the pictures I see they’ve made ‘start’, ‘select’ and ‘home’ proper buttons which is a welcome change.

  7. Sony make 2nd iterations of consoles smaller and better.
    Ninty makes them bigger and worse.

    Excellent work.

    • PSP GO? I think this looks pretty nice tbh.

      • Well for me it was better and it was smaller.

      • PSP Go was nice

      • PSP Go was the fourth iteration either way… PSP 2000 was definitely smaller and better.

  8. This is definitely a move towards linking it with the Wii U but with no 2nd stick it’s a lost cause. Ninty need to admit they messed up and get that 2nd stick added. Anyone that has already bought the ugly add on will now need a new one for this 3DS. This makes no sense?!?!?!?!

  9. That looks satanically horrible…just the speaker grill, the lack of the black on the front of the screen, and no second analog…I’ll just stick with my (frankly sexy looking) Vita.

  10. Can someone explain to me how it is possible for nintendo to make a second iteration of the 3DS look worse. It looks horrible.

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