Split Screen Dropped From THPS HD

One of the best things about Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 was the split screen. Four players was amazing fun, so it’s bound to be in the new HD remake due next month, right?

Well, no.


“That was a tough decision for the team’, says Robomodo’s Josh Tsui in an interview with PSU. “Given the limited scope of the game we had to make some choices on what goes into game. Split screen was talked about heavily but in the end we had to really look at the way people play nowadays which is more online.”

“Having both split screen and online would have sacrificed a lot of time and quality to work in the amount of time that we had.”

Understandable reasoning, but disappointing all the same.

On a related note, the Achievements are out. If you want to know whether you’re still up to the job, check out the requirements for the Gamerscore below, courtesy of Xbox360A.

Completist 100
Completed all Projectives with one character

Race to the finish lines 35
Reached the end of the Mall 3 times in a single Big Head Survival run

I don’t want no 2 minute Man 35
Held a combo for 30 seconds after the time is up in Marseille

The Best, Around 35
Got 500,000 points in one run in Venice Beach

Ain’t ‘fraid of no ghosts 35
Collected all pellets in one combo in Hawkman in The Hangar

Gap Skiing 35
Completed the 100 Ski Jump gap in Downhill Jam

Manual Master 20
Performed 15 manuals in one combo in School II with Rodney Mullen

Bringing home the bacon 20
Unlocked Officer Dick

Old School 20
Scored 200,000 points without performing a single manual in one run in Warehouse

Won a match online

There are 6 secret ones, too, worth between 5 and 10 points each. The game is out on the 18th of July for 360, a month later for PlayStation 3.



  1. Why the hell would you not include split screen, what a waste of time this is now.

    • I know, ridiculously disappointing. Never getting it now.

      • Nor me, was the only part I was looking forward to, used to play THPS with my brother all the time so we were both really looking forward to this. Get rid of the online and put split screen in.

      • Yeah, this just got a spot on my no-buy list.

      • Got to agree with the sentiments here. I was looking forward to playing this with my housemate.

        What a ridiculous decision, certainly won’t be buying this now.

  2. Massively disappointing, surely they can see that split screen is a massive part of the nostalgia factor and so the appeal of the game? I would have preferred them to drop online, or maybe just go for an SSX style event or leader board thing.
    Any know know the price in pounds? Last I read it was gonna be about $15 which is about a tenner, so I guess it’s gonna cost us £11.99?

    • 1200 points, so yeah, about a tenner.

  3. No!
    THIS is what has annoyed me most this generation.
    I generally detest playing most games online.
    It’s not the same when you’re playing a friend who isn’t in the room, and I don’t really care for playing strangers.

    • I don’t dislike game, but playing with a friend in the room is fantastic. Modnation I found brilliant for split-screen, but the best split-screen game I’ve ever played is Super Smash Bros:Melee, I still play it with mates weekly to this day!

      • It has to be an exceptional game (COD4, Wipeout, 60 players in Resistance, Uncharted,etc.) to coax me online for a while.
        Even then, I’ll grow bored fairly quickly compared to others.

        Local multiplayer on the other hand?
        Portal 2, Little Big Planet, Wipeout HD, Any fighter, Burnout 3, Killzone 1, Timesplitters, Syphon Filter 3, TOCA 2, and so many more precious gaming memories.

      • game!?!? I meant to put online!

      • I replied earlier, but it seems my comment didn’t post. I also lose interest to multiplayer fairly quickly, only Black Ops, Bad Company 2 and Uncharted 2 have really held me; although the likes of Borderlands have done, but they’re not competitive MP. I love my Split screen, it’s the good thing about old consoles; it definitely need a revival next gen! :)

  4. Still on my most wanted list

  5. So no platinum then? Meh. :)

    • Its a small digital game apparently *rolls eyes*

      • What like Motorstorm RC? :D

      • Well they just decide to add like 12 achievements or something and make the Gold Trophy act as a plat.


  6. Well that’s me out. The only reason I wanted this wad for multiplayer when I have friends over.

    The only reason more people play online is because spammers like this have killed splitscreen gaming this gen.

  7. “…the way people play nowadays which is more online.”

    Could this be because so many games do not put in local multiplayer? I’m pretty sure most people would use it if it was there. Seems to be a frustrating trend which is becoming more apparent. We do actually have real friends we socialise and game with!

    • Yeah, if only 5% of all multiplayer games feature split screen it’s easy to come to the conclusion that people play online way more often. Effing retards…

  8. “we had to really look at the way people play nowadays which is more online”

    That’s probably because none of us are ever given an effing chance to do anything else anymore. Think of your bandwidth men!!! With split/screen I get to still play multiplayer when I want, not when you decide I can until the serves shut down thank you very much.

    • That’s a really good point, a game like this most people will play in the first week or two weeks, but after that they’ll just play it when they have mates over.

  9. Well, I was really looking forward to this game. It was going to to be a game I bought on release, but no splitscreen = no sale. Fuck online, I like to play games with my friends on the sofa.

  10. Very annoyed about this but just realised how we shouldn’t be surprised. Tony Hawk games have shown very little understanding of what the consumer wants n likes since neversoft stopped being developers of the series. So ignoring split screen in favour of an online mode which shouldn’t even be in the game is just stupid. There’s a comment earlier quoting the line about online being more used these days but only because of the ridiculous lack of split screen games this generation. It forces gamers to game alone which is fine for single player escapades but when going multiplayer it’s so much more fun with your friends around you rather than being abused verbally by strangers or lagging out due to your connection with a server or intermittent internet. Offline is where it started n it’s what an actual HD version requires!

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