Meet the Reader: The Quiz Results

Meet the Reader is over, and now so is the quiz! Last week, I asked you 21 gruelling questions, such as “What is your TSA ID?” and “Who was your favourite interviewee?” and now it’s time for the answers and the results.

So first, the answers:

What is your TSA ID?

Only one person got this wrong, but I’ll forgive him, since he doesn’t have one! Hey, “don’t have one”, you’re alright in my book.

Who was the first ever reader met?

Ah, I remember it well. It was the Qualifying session for the 2011 Monaco Grand Prix when SpikeyMikey23 and myself sat down to create the first Meet the Reader.

Who was the Mystery Guest?

It was, of course, Solid Steven, the creator of Meet the Reader.

NemesisND1derboy went on a course to study which self defence system?

The clue was in the question, where Krav Maga is the only form of “self defence”. Fung shui’s all about arranging your furniture, and not in a Home Alone kind of way…

How many female TSAers did we interview?

There were three female interviewees, and they were Hannypoppie, Miffi-lou and 8_bit_hero.

Who embarked upon, and has recently returned from a 3 month trip to South America?

The sandwich we sent off to South America was in fact Baconsarnie.

Which interviewee went on to become a regular host on the TSA Podcast?

Kevatron, of course!

What was the April Fools joke Jambo and I pulled on you?

We actually wanted to have Steven and NemesisND1derboy pretend to be us, but when that didn’t work, Jambo and I pretended to be each other.

What was the fourth option added after Snog, Civil Partnership and Smother, when we started catering for the fourth regular Podcast member?

Whilst a slap did have an outing for one or two interviews, it was actually the Shark Attack that was the fourth option!

When were the two Sundays over the last year that did not feature a Meet the Reader?

Christmas and New Year was the main event meaning that we missed two Sundays of Meet the Reader. What ever did you guys do on those Sunday mornings?

Taking into account that we missed two Sundays out, how many editions of this feature actually occurred?

Despite missing two Sundays, we actually had 52 Meet the Readers, running past the anniversary by an extra week.

Which TSA power couple announced their courtship and love to the world via Meet the Reader?

Bunimomike and Hannypoppie announced their love in Hanny’s interview. No, it wasn’t Adam and myself, not was it Tuffcub and Mini-Lipscombe!

Which other TSA couple featured in the interviews?

Ashw92 & Miffi-Lou were the other two love birds that had interviews.

Peter never died. True or False?

False, I’m afraid to say. Several people elected to have Peter offed. If only the answer really could have been “Petroleum Jelly”, eh?

Were there more Welsh, Scottish or Irish interviewees?

There might be quite a lot of Welsh and Irishmen on TSA, but we’re by far outnumbered by all of those Scots!

How many people want to meet me?

19 of your oddballs wanted to meet me, or expressed sentiments along those lines. Weirdos.

How many interviewees have used primitive methods to clone themselves? (Have a child)

By my calculations, we had 8 dads in the interview hotseat.

Who has the honour of having the most comments on their interview?

Many of you thought it was Bunimomike, but he was actually just pipped by R1MJAW to the most number of comments.

Whose interview spanned a ridiculous four pages?

KAMIKAZE-UK was the interviewee that took part in a bit of a “behind the scenes” at Meet the Reader, spanning 4 pages!

How many racing gods (read: won a racing tournament/championship) featured in the interviews?

JamboGT, Manorhowze, Lee-ma and ManeoriX are our four racing game champions, from GT5, F1 2010, F1 2011 and Dirt 3, respectively.

Finally, who was your favourite interviewee?

Despite rampant self-voting, and blanket “everyone” votes, everyone also got this one right.

On the topic of that last question, I’m sure  we had two votes for theberzerka, MadJunkBoy and kevatron in a tied third place. Just ahead of them, there was KAMIKAZE-UK on three votes, but the most popular interviewee was Bunimomike with four votes.

Good job, that man, for being supremely great in so many ways.

As for who got the most answers right (and yes, I’m including the first and last answer, because I can), practically everyone was in the 10 to 13 range, but a select few stood out from the rest. Again, we had a multiway tie for third place, with Ro6afc11, R1MJAW, Rocket_345, Manorhowze and topgearsam all on 15 correct answers. Just ahead of those five sits Origami Killer on 16, but with an excellent 18 correct answers is MadJunkBoy!

I can’t quite decide whether we should congratulate him, or back away very slowly. I guess it’s up to you in the comments, where, if you’re really desperate to know how you did individually, you should also feel free to ask.

Thanks again to all those that agreed to take part in the interviews, and also to those of you that answered the quiz.



  1. Cant believe I got that many right. I cant even remember what I did yesterday most of the time.

    • Just ask MadJunkBoy. He’s got notes. ;)

      • what notes? ;)

        *notes burning in a can in the background*

      • *uses aging TSA time mircowave to go back in time and steals MJB’s note to sell on TSA’s black market* If you want his notes, just con… what’s that burning smell? *notices his back is on fire* Ah, then just excuse me whilst i do this. Ow. *tells the fire to feck off and somehow that puts out the flames* :p

      • noo! my notes!
        *pays fire to return to Stevens back*

      • Steven uses the mighty power of water to vanquish Fire. Does 9999 damage. Victory belongs to Steven. Steven levels up.

      • wait… steven is evolving!!

        steven is evolving to…. WTH!!!???? a cheese sandwish??!

  2. Congrats MJB, you have an amazing memory ;)

  3. Good work MjB, your dedication and passion for the challenge is inspirational!

    • well how nice to be an inspirational to someone! a stalker like me! :P

  4. Well done MJB you crazy stalker!

    Thanks tef for giving us all the time and opotunity

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