GTA III, Vice City Rated For PlayStation 3 (Again)

Some will remember that, back in January, the Entertainment Software Rating Board (North America’s BBFC counterpart) listed Rockstar classics Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for the PlayStation 3.


This immediately prompted fans into thinking an “HD Classics” revival of the legendary sandbox titles was in the works, before the ESRB entry was withdrawn.

A few months down the line and both games have re-surfaced via the ratings boards, once again listed for PlayStation 3. It’s a peculiar scenario, though given the extreme demand and an opportunity to build hype for the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V, an HD Classic duo doesn’t seem to be out of the question. If not, there’s a high chance the two will appear as original PS2 titles, available to download from the PlayStation Store.

Source: NeoGaf



  1. Ps2 originals following up on max payne s2 i reckon…

  2. do i see a exclusive bundle with the PS3 version of GTA5 on one bluray?

  3. If it’s a HD remake then why didn’t they include GTA:SA aswell, I’m more inclined to think it’s a PS2 Classics release but i hope im wrong

  4. Why no San Andreas that’s the best & only gta I ever liked & will ever play

    • Unless SA is coming to vita oh the thought of it, I don’t even want to think it

  5. Well I hope it is a HD remake as I still have my original copies of the games (as well as San Andreas) and PS2 console, so if it’s released as a PS2 game on the store then that won’t be any good to me!

  6. iii, VC & SA on the vita please.
    Doubt I’d put it down

  7. Where is San Andreas? I know SA is a big game but i wonder if GTA3 and VC are being released together then SA will get the HD treatment at a later date? However if they are being rereleased on the store, then why is GTA:SA not included? You could release it as a trilogy.

  8. I hope for a HD double pack, as i would love to play these two again in HD with trophies. These are pretty much the pinnacle of GTA for me – The two games before GTA went a bit silly with the ‘lifestyle management’ choices.

    San Andreas was just too much micromanagement of girlfriends & physique (as well as other things) – I don’t play games just to be hit with the same troubles i can get in real life! GTA IV toned back the physique & associated stuff of course, but instead decided that you not only need to keep girlfriends happy, you now also need to keep your friends happy, or you won’t get the perks you worked for. Great – I really need to go play pool halfway through this mission i have been trying to complete for the last hour!

    Petty as it may seem though, I would not however play PS2 classic versions of 3 or VC, as i have already been there & done that & they would simply take up space on my HDD.

  9. Would love for these to be HD remakes assuming this even comes true. If it is just PS2 classics then I would still buy em. Please make this happen!!

  10. San Andreas!

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