Treyarch Don’t Know Who Is Making Black Ops Vita

You would think that Call of Duty regulars Treyarch would have some hand in the PlayStation Vita version of Black Ops – currently named Declassified – but apparently not.

Videogamer asked Treyarch’s Director of Communications John Rafacz which team was working on the game and his response was a plain and simple ‘I don’t know’.


The majority of Activision studios now work on Call Of Duty in some shape or form so it could be any one (or more) of the teams, and that might be why Treyarch aren’t in the know.

For example, Sledgehammer were developing a Call of Duty game before being moved on to working on Call Of Duty Elite, so perhaps they are working on the Vita game.

Details were leaked of the game recently, and it sounds like something akin to Unit 13.



  1. So it’s rather ‘classified’ then…

  2. Is it not Neversoft? Arent they working on a cod game?

    • or Toosoft?

    • It probably won’t be Neversoft since they only announced that they are working on a COD game last week, they’re probably helping with the Next-Gen COD which is probably the next one after Black Ops II.

      • Oops, I replied to the wrong comment! Sorry!

  3. I’m hoping this will be good and the graphics will be in the Vitas native resolution. I’m tired of games that are upscaled

  4. Does this have a release window yet? The lack of details make me thing it’s quite a long way off. Not showing it at E3 was quite a big clue to it not being ready or at a stage they were happy to show it off.

    • same day as blops 2.

      • Really?! Wow, I bet it’s going to be rushed out the door then. Normally, they’d be showing it off months in advance.

    • This year before the holiday season.

  5. No one is making it that’s why, Sony don’t have enough to pay activi for that exclusivity

  6. Respawn ?

  7. So I’m guessing that rules any crossplay out, unless it’s just sharing DLC maps…

  8. Oh no, perhaps i have had one of those lapses of concentration & i am supposed to be making it. If they don’t know, how am i supposed to??? :S

  9. Bungie. :-P

  10. I fear that this may just end up falling to the hands of a crappy developer but hopefully it sells hardware, PSV needs it.

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