FIFA 13 Ultimate Edition Revealed

EA has announced the Ultimate Edition of FIFA 13, available as a pre-order only from June 29th.

The Ultimate Edition will give access to 24 Gold Packs for Ultimate Team, a pack a week for 24 weeks. As well as the Packs there are also extra bonus pre-order incentives from Amazon & Game. Amazon is offering 10000 in-game credits, Virtual Pro stat boosts and extra matches in Head to Head Seasons.


GAME is offering the Adidas All Star Team featuring 23 players, including Lionel Messi, Karim Benzema and Nani. The pre-order will also give access to an exclusive kit to use in Online Pro Clubs.

FIFA 13 is set to release on September 28th on Xbox 360, PS3 & PC. It also expected to release on Wii U at some point.

Source: Press Release



  1. “Amazon is offering 10000 in game credits, Virtual Pro stat boosts”

    This is just putting me right off. Playing many a match on FIFA 12 recently has revealed a serious lack of balancing player stats online. If you reduce a player to just three times the height of a football – he’ll run like Sonic The Hedgehog with his Arsenal on fire!
    Basically those whom do not get the Ultimate Edition will then be battling against players with immediate boosts to day one stats.

    I may hold off on this iteration until, or rather if, there is confirmation of fairer play online, better AI and no stupid Pro custimisations that allow players to run around the pitch like Golem after the ring!

    • This system has been in place on NHL for a few years now and has all but destroyed online play. Stacking of key stats results in “freak” players who can exploit the match engine.

  2. Starting to get fed up of seeing these types of bonuses as it makes MP very unbalanced for the first month or two as those who can afford the UE will be ahead of you and can use unfair advantages to beat you.

    • For Ultimate Team you’d be always disadvantaged unless your stupid enough to field a bad team, While it does seem unfair the bonuses are appealing. Saves money too and coins.

      The VP doesn’t seem much though, probably expires after a few matches but its just a guess.

  3. I don’t see the point of buying Fifa this year sadly, or even PES. I just find them boring now. Burned out I suppose.

  4. This year I have to get Fifa over PES…if only so I can still play as Bolton :'(

  5. So basically, if you’re from a third World country like me, you’re at a disadvantage from day 1. I’ll probably get it like a week after release, from whichever store orders it. They don’t pre order anything where I live, and there’s no Game store or any big name stores for that matter.

    I feel so warm and fuzzy when I see all these pre- order items…that I won’t get.

    • You’re from Wales too?…….. ;)

  6. If the in-game credits is like the one in the new tiger woods game then I’ll lose all trust in EA (and believe me, after the amount of problems I’ve had with FIFA 12 it’s a small amount of trust), all I heard about it was ‘its EA taking even more money off customers’ and people stopped buying the game. The game will fail this year any way I think. You’ll hear people say it’s near enough the same as last years, the only reason I bought it was for the updated kits and squads, PES will win for everything else this year

  7. I will stick with my FIFA 09 LoL:D I only buy 1 FIFA each Gen really.

    • Get Fifa 12 whenever its 99p.

    • A very good idea, they are pretty much all the same and never change as much as EA make out.

  8. Stuff the bonuses. York City for Champions League Glory!! Wooooo!!!

    • I really just hope they eliminate the stupid speed benefits gained by reducing your player to the size of a Lego man! Otherwise FIFA 13 Ultimate team will read:

      Humpty Dumpty
      Danny De Vito
      Bob Hoskins
      Tom Cruise

  9. i’ll stick to PES thanks, a game that isn’t unbalanced online.. scoff scoff scoff..

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