The Last Of Us Will Have Multiplayer, But No Main Campaign Co-op

The Last Of Us, the game known affectionately around these parts as Uncharted With Zombies and Much Closer Fisticuffs, will have – unsurprisingly – multiplayer.


But it won’t be a main storyline co-operative mode.

Speaking to Gaming Examiner, game director Neil Druckmann* said that whilst the game will support multiplayer, they’re “not ready to talk about the details” but can say that it is “not co-op within the main campaign”.

That doesn’t rule out co-op, of course, just that it won’t be a two player version of the single player, with one controlling Joel and the other Ellie.

The ending, too, is already set in stone. “There is only one ending to the story and the game,” said Druckmann*. “At the end of the day, we are creating a video game and we’ve made sure that there are plenty of choices for the player to make either in combat or exploring the environment.”

“In fact, with supplies being so scarce, it’s important that you take the time to explore and scavenge for anything that may aid you in the future.”

*it’s not actually clear that the quotes are those of Druckmann but the title implies this.



  1. Probably like Uncharted 3, then?

  2. “*it’s not actually clear that the quotes are those of Druckmann but the title infers this.”

    You mean ‘implies’, not infers… :p

    Interesting story though – I’m kinda sad there’s no co-op but it didn’t stop Uncharted 2 being my favourite adventure game of this generation.

  3. The more I know about this game, the more I don’t want the game. So I’m going on a media black-out with everything concerning The Last Of Us.

  4. I guess co-op zombie arena/wave survival is pretty much a given considering it’s a zombie game as part of the MP. Perhaps also, as you suggest, a separate campaign for co-op, that would be good. And even better, is if it were 4 player co-op – maybe a new small storyline based on another small group of survivors?

    • Aren’t the primary antagonists other survivors a la The Road and The Walking Dead? Could lead to a really interesting enemy mix for a survival/wave mode and some fun strategies. Like the idea of a mini story too, not a bad idea at all sir.

  5. glad it has no co-op games like this I want to be SP.

    • Why glad it has no co-op as that wouldn’t stop you from playing it single player like most games let you?

      • why does every game need co-op just SP games are rare these days so for me no co-op is fine.

        but I see your point glad was a touch to strong not bothered would have been better.

      • It is not always that simple. If campaign co-op is supported, all the levels have to be designed with two players in mind. Insomniac in one of their podcasts talks about how they dropped from Resistance 3 a section that worked well with one player because it didn’t work with two players. Saying no to features, like campaign co-op, can mean more time to polish the features they do include. That said, I do like co-op and hope that they include something.

  6. The fact that he mentioned co-op suggests to me that it won’t be competitive multiplayer. I’m not fussed either way, but the latter sounds a bit more out-of-character. As long as it isn’t a straight up Horde Mode survival variant then I’m in.

  7. ‘Im doing Kickstarter to raise money for a petition to get them to chnage the ending which will then be released in US a week before Europe. THIS MUST HAPPENZ.

    • Or accept the weak ending and hope that they won’t cock up with their next game. ;)

  8. COD multiplayer: spawn, kill, death.

    LOU multiplayer: spawn, kill, look for bullets, death.

    Cant wait.

  9. not played any Uncharted games, but that looks awesome.

  10. Easily my most anticipated title this year – seems to be drawing thematically on McCarthy’s The Road and Kirkmans Walking Dead, two of my favourite “novels”.

    • you mean next year

      • He’s allowed to be excited this year, though. :-p

      • Bugger! and lol. Methinks it may be time for a Cartman style freeze-me-in-ice type effort.

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