Retro City Rampage Offers “Buy One Get Both” Deal

Retro City Rampage, the 8-bit homage to Grand Theft Auto (and just about every other game) will be available on both PS3 and Vita, soon.

However, it’ll also be part of Sony’s new “buy one get both” deal, meaning if you buy it for PS3 you’ll get the Vita download for free. Or Vice (City) Versa.

According to the source, RCR will also make use of cross-save and cross-play features.

Source: IndieGames.


  1. sweet.
    the game looks like loads of fun.

    just have to wait and see how long scee will be delaying it for now. ^_^

    • Yeah, it looks great. Some of my favourite games this generation have been the ones that hark back to the old days, stuff like 3d dot game heroes and S ott pilgrim. Hope this lives up to the preview.

  2. All this is great news, I’ll get it day 1, but I want to know when day 1 is.

  3. I love this trend! I would buy some many more games, if all games did this :) Looking forward to RCR, looks like a blast.

  4. Great feature, but to be fair, I’ll probably only be playing it on the vita.

  5. great news.

  6. Perfect! I’ll just happily buy it for PS3 then! :)

  7. All over this!

  8. Fantastic! I’m glad more devs are coming around to this. Hopefully Itll be a growing trend

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