Trailer Confirms Spring 2013 Launch For Monster Hunter 4

After somewhat of a drought, Capcom has unleashed a new trailer for Monster Hunter 4. As expected, the fourth major portable instalment in the firm’s power-selling franchise isn’t much of a departure from the rest. You’ll still be going toe-to-toe with a variety of neutral and hostile creatures roaming the game’s luscious yet unpredictable ecosphere, two of which are the iconic Tigerex and Rathalos.

In terms of handheld gaming, Monster Hunter 4 will easily be one of the most significant releases of 2013. Just about every game in the entire series has spent a number of weeks dominating the Japanese sales charts. For Nintendo it could be a tremendous shot in the arm for the 3DS, though some fans may be left alienated.


After all, the original Monster Hunter was born and bred on PlayStation platforms where the property has flourished continually for nearly a decade. If Monster Hunter 4, like Tri, were to miss yet another release on Sony hardware, it could go either way for the franchise.

It may be early days though Monster Hunter 4 isn’t looking as grand as some will have expected, barely matching the still-impressive visual fidelity of its first PSP instalments. With better graphics, dual stick controls, and neat network functionalities, Monster Hunter 4 Vita seems like an absolute no-brainer. Come on Capcom, sort it out.



    • i get the feeling that just after that Reggie went swimming in money in that vault, Scrooge McDuck style.

  1. Whilst this title could have sold the Vita to me, it just isn’t gonna do the same for the 3DS in my case.

  2. oh come on… Western fans have been CRYING OUT! for a PS3 Monster Hunter game, whatever happened to Portable 3rd HD being released for PS3??????????

    • Perhaps we should establish a select committee and force Capcom to attend and answer your question – damn their eyes! :D

  3. This will either sell a ton of 3DS’, or it will make room for a much better competitor which actually innovates in gameplay, as a Vita owner I’m very much open to the latter…perhaps Soul Sacrifice will fill the gap?

  4. I would genuinely get a 3DS just for this (and Fire Emblem) but I’d much rather they just get a Vita edition sorted! I’m having to make do with replaying Freedom Unite again!

  5. Hi, Zelda.

  6. I would get a Vita if this game was announced for it, but I’m not tempted by the 3DS in the slightest! Wish Capcom would get a Monster Hunter title out on the PS3 as well!

  7. Alright, time to find out what all the fuss is about- downloading Monster Hunter Freedom Unite now.

    • And just like that, Colm bade good bye to his free time, friends and family.

      • Might well be actually.

        Just booted it up, and my first thought was ‘this looks like a PSP version of Skyrim.’

        I racked up 100 hours in that game in less than 6 days…

      • Monster Hunter it’s highly addictive!

        I don’t want to say how many hours I spent playing MHFU. Seems like each time I started getting bored of the loop of hunting monsters for better stuff to hunt bigger monsters I would try out a new weapon and I would be hooked all over again.

        I have been playing MHFU on my Vita from time to time. So, I would absolutely buy a Vita Monster Hunter game.

  8. A PS3 or PSV Monster Hunter, can not be anything other than a huge success with loads of sales. What is Capcom thinking, releasing a sequel that looks worse than Portable 3rd?

  9. They actually have the CHEEK to call this Monster Hunter FOUR??? It hasn’t changed at all!! Looks EXACTLY like the others, except a few new monsters and a bright yellowy world? It even has the same monster calls!!! For GODS SAKE! I’m so annoyed with this!!! I’ve been waiting for for a PS3 Monster Hunter for so long! And they give us this?????

    And the problem is, i believe this will actually sell so many 3DS’s, because well, people are addicted. Same issue with Pokemon. But even that franchise has been developed more than this! If you compare the Red with Black you’ll see wuite a major difference. But if you compare the original PS2 Monster Hunter with this crap, it’s gonna look worse!!

    I was happy with Tri, as it was going in the right direction. For the wrong console yes, but there were loads of new monsters and the graphics were improved. And the online function really worked. However the majority of players online had no idea what they were doing. The amount of times i had to tell people that you had to wear an entire set of armour to gain bonuses and that wearing mismatched armour nearly always put you at a disadvantage :/

    Please Capcom… i’m begging you… i’m going to go insane if you don’t develop a Monster Hunter for the PS3….

    • I don’t think it looks great. The world. Then again I think it’ll be worst to play than the PSP version, I found the 3DS to be so awkward.

    • I share your pain.

      It’s not that I’m completely against the idea of Monster Hunter on Nintendo platforms, it’s just that it has better potential on PS3 and Vita especially with cross-play *chorus of sighs*

      In terms of the games themselves, I’m not too bothered about the lack of change. My guess is that we’re likely to see one or two new weapons (classes) and maybe even a new levelling system. If I recall, maps will also be fully traversable without having to dip in and out of load screens.

      Monster Hunter Freedom 2 was the last MH game I truly threw myself behind, simply because I was so convinced that a PS3 version was coming. Half a decade has given me plenty of time to get excited about the future of the series, but this is not what I expected.

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