German Paper Casts Doubt Over Future Gamescom Expos

We’re hugely excited about Gamescom and will be there in force, but one German newspaper is claiming that this year’s Cologne-based expo might be the last one, at least in its current form.

Although readers should be careful to put too much emphasis on a story like this, Bild does say that the expo is “under review” after incurring some huge losses – half a million euros – and says that a report is ongoing to “evaluate the strategic necessity of the event”.

THQ, Sega, Nintendo and Microsoft have all said they won’t be on the show floor.

SCEE will.

Source: Bild, via GameReator.


  1. It sucks that 2 out of the 3 Hardware gaming companies aren’t attending – shows how much they value european gamers. At least Sony is and being as Europe is there biggest market good on them.

    EA/Activision/Ubisoft will ofc go they all like to get everywhere :)

    THQ and sega literally can’t afford to but Nintendo and especially Microsoft have no reason not to go.

  2. Gamescom after E3 is like the BAFTAs used to be when they came after the Oscars, no one gives a crap, all the announcements have been made and in a manner friendly to the largest market, the US.

    Imagine next year’s when everyone has shown off new consoles at E3, Gamescom will be little more than hands-on time…. and Sony do that through PlayStation Access events without spending a fair amount moving to the middle of nowhere for a week… and at other companies events like EG Expo

  3. Easy to see why, everyone only really cares about e3, and to some extent TGS, but Gamescom just never attracts the same level f interest.

  4. I’ve lost faith in German newspaper after they made a lot of rumours of Norwegian people.

    • Bild is probably the least trustworthy source of news unless you are talking about celebrity rumors. I think Bild is technically not even allowed to call itself a newspaper.

      • It was Der Spiegel. They said that one of our swimmer’s, who died of natural causes, died of drugs.

  5. Woo hoo! SCEE’s going to stick with GamesCom whilst Microsoft+Nintendo are just too lazy. Wait-a-go Sony! ;D

  6. You shouldn’t take anything published in “Bild” too serious. It’s a tabloid paper, pretty much the German equivalent of The Daily Mail.

  7. “German Newspaper”. Enough said to not take this seriously :D

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