Phantasy Star Online 2 Takes Jiggling Breasts To A New Level

“Jiggling breasts”, a phrase favoured by the BBFC when describing the unaturally bouncy bosoms of many female game characters, has been taken to the extreme in the beta of Phantasy Star Online 2.


The game has a rather unique bug which creates the most acrobatic breasts even seen, check out the video and try not to laugh.

Source: Youtube via Kotaku 



  1. If they keep this bug into the full game, I will buy it. Just saying…

    • What will you use to keep the circle button pressed? :P

      • A cock? ;)

      • Ha Ha……

      • Thanks for spelling it out, Steven!! *facepalms quietly* :)

      • I think I’d have used a rubber band
        ……..on the controller that is!!
        Very tactful Steve :P

    • It’ll be free to play. Just saying… :)

    • Watching that video literally kinda hurt my eyes from how fast they jiggled. Almost made me feel sick. :|

  2. That is the funniest thing I will see this week.

  3. It looks like she is being groped by a hyperactive ghost. Even Dead or Alive’s breast physics are not that over the top. :O

  4. Are you telling me boobs don’t really do that?

  5. Not a bug, definitely a feature.


  6. Now these are the sort of bugs we dont mined having in games.

    bethesda take note.

    • Backwards dragons was quite funny.

      • Backwards dragons with bouncy tits would be even funnier.

  7. Old news is old… but still funny.
    Unfortunately I missed the open beta but I was able to watch some gameplay on Twitch. Can’t wait for this game to come out. Probably my most anticipated game of this/next year.

  8. Mmmesmerisng.. except at the end where it looks like they’re trying to do sign language lol!

  9. Now made more realistic with Nvidias PhysX!

  10. They looked like a seal clapping for fish…you reckon they go ‘arf’ when you prod them? :P

    • Yes, all ladies breasts do that. Find a lady with nice norks and give them a prod and you will see.

      • The best part is that you can do this on the tube & don’t even have to ask. They love it.

        Go on, try it. :D

      • Seems legit. Will report my findings.

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