BASIC Programming Coming To 3DS And DSi

As someone who learned programming on a ZX Spectrum, BASIC still holds a place in my memories as being an incredibly easy language to learn.

Gamebridge think so too, because they’ve announced that their Petit Computer, a BASIC programming language for the Nintendo DSi and 3DS, will be heading west – the package is already out in Japan.

Petit Computer features sprites, background screens, eight channel music, sound effects and touch screen input, and ships with loads of pre-loaded graphics and audio for you to use.

You can also share your creations by exporting the code to an SD card and converting it into a QR on your PC. It’s a step or two too many, but the application can create some impressive stuff – see the Outrun clone above.

As far as I can tell the software has only been announced for the States, I’m hopeful that Nintendo Europe will pick this up for a local release as I’m keen to have a go.


  1. I’d love this for the PS3. Imagine trying to get your head around multi-tasking those processors! A keyboard and mouse – both of which the PS3 supports – would of course be essential. I can dream…!

    • something like that would be fantastic for the ps3, it would fit in perfectly with the whole play, create, share thing that games like LBP and MDR are built on.

      and it’s not like this would be a first for sony, they had something similar with the net yaroze thing back on the ps1.

  2. Ohhhh, the Speccy. You’ve just filled me with warm memories of times gone by. Spending hours in front of the telly with the rubber key Speccy, a tape recorder and a programming guide.
    If it weren’t for the Speccy then I might not be enjoying the career path I am today. Happy days.

  3. Legitimate homebrew, what a great idea! ;)

  4. That’s really cute and takes me back, although i think that’s about all i would get out of it now, a few minutes nostalgia.

  5. I wrote a full functioning clone of Sim City in Amos on the Amiga. Roads would connect up, traffic would move, fires would spread (unless you built firestations). It had tornadoes, alien attacks and godzilla.

  6. I really hoped that this would come overseas, although it;s disappointing that it’s still not going to be available for Europe. It’s a digital service and publishers are STILL separating regions. Morons :l

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