DCUO Sale Slashes Marketplace Prices By Half

Sony Online Entertainment has just announced its first DC Universe Online sale for PlayStation 3 users. Following today’s US PlayStation Store update, players will be able to jump into Metropolis or Gotham to grab some in-game goodies at half price.

It’s worth noting that discounted items are in-game only; DCUO’s four downloadable expansions (Fight for the Light, Lightning Strike, Battle For Earth, and The Last Laugh) are therefore excluded.


Being mainly decorative costume pieces and other frivolous, one-use trinkets, I probably won’t invest in the sale myself.

Source: Official PlayStation Blog



  1. DLC discounts please Sony!

    • +1

      Would probably get one of the packs if they did this. My character is currently collecting dust at the endgame.

  2. just started this very impressed with it.

  3. I really do hope that DC Universe Online is a success, it totally looks awesome (I just couldn’t bother waiting for the 15GB install, I’ve only managed to wait out 2GB in a course of 2 weeks, I guess 13 more weeks will be necessary to first start playing…)

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