First Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD DLC Confirmed

The first block of DLC for the currently Xbox 360 exclusive Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD will be levels from Pro Skater 3, including the brilliant Airport.

The game that’s going to be available on the 18th will be made up of seven levels from the first two games, with the initial vanilla movesets (so no reverts and only basic flatland moves).


It’s hoped that the DLC, which will be available “30 or 40” days after the main game, will open up reverts at least. That’s when the PS3 version is expected, too.

The DLC will be roughly $5.




  1. Wait, what? They limited the move set in THPS HD, or are these moves that were introduced in later games?

    • Revert and flatland (beyond the manual) was added in 3. Getting off the board was THUG, I think.

  2. & so it begins…

    So it’s basically going to be a steady drip feed of later levels & stuff when they decide to release it & so when you are done with the game you will have spent the price of a full boxed game with absolutely no assets to trade. Well played Activision.

    Airport is a great level though. :(

    • But you’re never really done with a skate game?!

      I’ve been playing Skate 3 for more than 2 years.

      • Funny, as i was done with Shaun White ages ago. :)

        I also got bored with Skate 2 & traded it & haven’t really bothered too much with Skate 3 apart from getting the multiplayer done (although i do still own it).

        I used to love the TH games though & play them for hours on end, which is why this bothers me so much.

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