Microsoft Secures “Xbox 8” Domain Name

Microsoft have secured the rights to a series of key domain names, including two relating to a rather exciting (on some level) “Xbox 8” branding.

Now, naturally this doesn’t automatically mean that the next Xbox console will be called Xbox 8 – it might, but it’s likely just a case of the platform holder protecting their valuable IP.

Other domain names involved in the dispute, which were owned by a resident of China, include,, and

Rumours in the recent past have included names for Microsoft’s next console as Infinity and Loop. Turning an ‘8’ sideways looks like two boiled eggs, so it’s clearly going to be called the Eggsbox.


Via Fusible.


  1. And the term “XBOX 720” slowly fades away… thankfully

  2. An eight fallen on its side looks like an infinity sign.
    Xbox Infinity.

    If they use just ‘XBOX 8’ They will already be ahead of PS4 because people will auto think the XBOX is further advanced because of its name.

    Little things make a difference.

    • Xbox 8 makes me thinks Windows 8, which could be a deliberate by MS to link the next xbox more with windows and mobiles through smartglass etc…

      Infinity makes me think of BT and buzz lightyear. Any potentional linkup with xbox and buzz lightyear doesn’t work when Beyond is a ps3 game.

      If it is xbox infinity what do they call the xbox after that.

    • When the Xbox 360 was released I thought it was 357 iterations ahead of PS3 :P

  3. What about when Xbox 8 comes what are we going call it

  4. Might be Xbox Loop? :P

    • Don’t you think that sounds a bit to cd player-esk?

    • Xbox Möbius Strip?

  5. The number eight……OR…….the symbol for infinity.
    “Suck on that for a while”

  6. Xbox 8 could be confused with Windows 8 if people don’t use the ‘xbox’ before it. Most people just say 360, so it could easily happen. Infinity sounds good, I like that.

  7. Sounds plausible with it being the 8th Generation of consoles too.

  8. LOL! Xbox Eggsbox, now that made me laugh, but it could be Xbox Infinity, you never know (mainly because of what you just said), but this sounds pretty cool, but I’m personally hoping everyone delays next-gen as much as possible (including Nintendo), but that ain’t gonna happen D;

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