Rumour: Countdown Hints At Free To Play “Call Of Duty” Game

That Activision are working on a free to play Call of Duty isn’t a secret – they said as much last year in at least one financial investor report.

However, according to one website, Activision and Tencent Games (who the site is claiming will publish the game in China) will reveal the new Call of Duty game at some point today.

The game, which MMOCulture say will be called Call of Duty Online, is apparently going be a free to play shooter aimed at the Asian market, with China the first territory.

A few days ago Activision registered a large amount of URLs, including:


There’s a teaser page here on the absolutely massive, indicating that at the time of writing this post there’s about six hours left to go until the countdown ticks over to zero.

Assuming this isn’t just a fake, of course…

Thanks, MMOCulture.


  1. Isn’t there a Chinese extension? Writing seems a bit stupid to me, unless there isn’t a Chinese extension.

    • I believe they do, I think it’s .cn

  2. It won’t be F2P, it will be Pay2Win. You’ll have to buy all of the decent guns, perks etc. Remember when EA mentioned you could make gamers pay $1 to reload? I doubt Acti will be that harsh, but certainly the best loadouts will only be available if you buy them.

  3. Well… It’s just been confirmed now ain’t it? ‘Call of Duty Online’ where the game itself is free, but it’ll consist of ‘In-Game Content’ that will require payments, and I personally think this is going to work. :D

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