Activision Confirms “Revert” Won’t Be In THPS HD, Only In DLC

The first batch of DLC for Activision’s upcoming Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD will not only introduce some of the best levels from the third game in the series – it’ll also bring in the revert move.

Sadly, Activision have also confirmed that the move won’t be usable in the game’s core levels – those from THPS and THPS 2.


This will be disappointing to those that were used to the increased combo capabilities when the old school levels were revisited in later Hawk games, but if you only ever played the first two you won’t even know the difference.

As we said yesterday, Airport will be one of the levels in the $5 DLC – the first screenshot of the remade fan favourite is above.

The news comes via Joystiq, who sadly didn’t confirm whether the rest of the moveset from THPS 3 (namely the flatland tricks) will make the cut too.



  1. Chopping out maps and weapons from games is one thing but moves? This is greed gone mad surely?!

    • It’s not chopping out a move at all. Revert was never in 1+2.

      • True but isn’t this game a mix of parts 1, 2 and 3, just with an HD lick of paint? Can’t say I’ve really been following it so forgive me if I’m mistaken :)

      • No, it’s just a mix of 1 and 2. THPS3 stuff is DLC only so in my opinion it’s ok that THPS3 stuff only works in THPS3 games. I never really knew 50% of the moves in those games anyways so I won’t miss anything. I’m still very bitter about the removal of the split screen. Not sure if I’ll even buy it at all.

    • Ahh ok that makes more sense :) No split screen? Wow, that sucks. Spent hours playing TonyHawks3 with my mates.

  2. Good. I love the revert move and I’m glad for its inclusion. But it makes perfect sense that it will only be in the THPS3 levels.

  3. Makes sense to me, building it as true to the originals as it can possibly be.

  4. Uh… odd I suppose flatland tricks will be added into THPS4 DLC.

  5. Well I wasn’t expecting it in the 1-2 HD remakes so no problem. Not too sure if I’ll buy DLC for an old remake though…will wait and see.

  6. is there a confirmed release date for ps3 yet ?

    • No, but it’s expected to be about a month after the 360 version. So mid August. Ish.

  7. I cant wait for this game. Playing it on the iPhone really reminded me how much i love the THPS games before they got carried away. Really want it on PS3 as i always had it on PS. But if i have to wait an extra month I might just have to get it on Xbox 360.

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