Rumour: Images Of Xbox “Durango” Dev Kit Leak

Dutch website InsideGamer has published photos of what looks like a development kit for something called Durango. Many assume, via various rumours and leaks, that Durango is the current code name for the next Xbox, just like Orbis is for the PlayStation 4.

Massive pinch of salt at the ready? Good.


So, apparently these are from a “reliable source” and the site is fairly adamant that the blurry shots are definitely from a Durango dev kit. Apparently the photographer wanted to sell the hardware on a forum for $10,000. It’s incredibly difficult to validate the images, especially given the big piece of paper, but there you are.

The actual Durango hardware is largely irrelevant, the finished Xbox almost certainly won’t be in a PC-looking black box. It also hopefully won’t come with a cheap-looking Matrix wallpaper.

Nice cabinet in the background, though.



  1. How difficult is it to take a decent photo, eh?

  2. $10,000 omg…. I’ll take 4.

    • Don’t think Microsoft will sell too many at that price!

  3. Looks a bit suspect to me.

  4. I’m confused. Is the next Xbox going to look like a tft monitor? Can someone tell me which part of those images we’re supposed to be getting excited about?

    And 10K for some hardware that has no software available for it? Time to re-evaluate the value of the n-gage :P

    • That was my thought too tbh – Not that i am saying it shouldn’t be reported on of course, but all i got from those pictures was some loose connection to Neo.

      Unless the next Xbox allows you to control the matrix as you see fit & if so, i’m in.

      • I didn’t mean to give the impression that TSA should not report this. Bang up job (as ever) on giving us up to the minute news on all things gaming.

        My comment was to imply that to sell the kit for 10k, clearer images are needed, and those images would need to show something more convincing that it housed an actual dev kit and not some obscure linux kernel.

  5. Is it so hard to hold still for a sharp picture? Also, why do these people think this is relevant enough to post anywhere (I mean the source, not TSA)? Whatever this is does not give away any information about the product and the screen could be recreated in minutes if you know what you are doing. Put a black PC case next to it and tell people it’s the next Xbox. Why did I take the time to rant about this? Damnit…

    • Indeed – In the time it took to write, you could have been off putting a black PC case next to a monitor & selling it on ebay for $9,999.99. :)

  6. The Durango text in the first and fourth screens do look very Windows 8.

  7. Is that the Matrix?!

  8. Man, if that’s all it takes to make headline these days I’ll upload some photos of my PS4 dev-kit…..

    It’s just a screen with a wallpaper and some text on it with a piece of paper covering up a pc cabinet, not impressed.

    • Just to be clear, I’m disliking the photographer, not TSA. OK? Very well, now about that PS4, it’s yours for “one million dollars”* !

      *(you know the voice)

  9. Pinch of salt? I’m not even picking up a grain of salt for this horsesh*t.
    –Not aimed at TSA whatsoever by the way.

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