“Joe Danger: The Movie” Dated For Xbox 360

Microsoft have happily dated the release of Joe Danger: The Movie for Xbox 360, putting it up on their site with a release date of the 29th of August, just two weeks after the Summer of Arcade promotion ends that sees Tony Hawk HD granted a month long exclusivity window.

In a humourous twist, though, it seems developers Hello Games weren’t aware of this upcoming, looming deadline. “News to us!” they exclaimed on Twitter on hearing the news. “Better get this game finished quick!”


Hello Games are a lovely bunch of blokes who make honest games for nice people. We spoke to Sean Murray last year, where our Kris did an amazing job of ad libbing about a game he moments ago had very little knowledge.

You’d never know, right?



  1. Would be a bit crap if it was MS exclusive considering Joe Danger made Hello Games known on hte PSN. Maybe timed exclusive or just not announced yet for ps3?

  2. I really, really hope Hello Games don’t turn their back on Sony, who published their game when no one else would. I loved Joe Danger anyway. :)

    • Not only that, but Sonys customer base gave them enough money in sales of the first Joe Danger game to enable them to branch out/create a sequel.

      It would be an incredibly short sighted move to only release on Xbox (there are even people that are planning on boycotting the sequel just because it will appear on Xbox first!).

  3. If this is true, then it’s pretty upsetting. I’m not angry, Hello games, just disappointed. You let money get in the way of things…

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