Laughing Jackal Claims Close To One Million Minis Sales

Laughing Jackal, of the best developers of PlayStation Minis, has announced that they’ve sold close to one million titles across all their games released.

The studio, which has released such gems as OMG-Z, the PS3 and PSP title Cubixx and the brilliant Hungry Giraffe, said in a blog that they’ve been “successful in terms of raw numbers” and that they are “approaching 1 million PSN downloads worldwide”.

They sing the praises of the platform, which has enabled developers to experiment with PlayStation consoles and try new ideas whilst also working closely with Sony, but say that they are “moving away from Minis with a full PSN title in development” in the future, something that’s currently dubbed “Mystery Game X”.

“From a technical standpoint Minis have been a great route into self publishing as it has given us the opportunity to learn about the complexities of publishing on console, but in a slightly more relaxed atmosphere,” says the article.

“Of course making your games available for people to buy is only one part of self publishing. Being on PlayStation Minis has also given us the opportunity to learn about promotion of our games whilst receiving great marketing support from the platform holder itself. ”

Laughing Jackal said that “the support from Sony combined with their structuring of updates means that all Minis draw attention in the approach to and upon release” which provides developers the “opportunity to build some serious word of mouth marketing”.

“They are certainly not something we regret getting involved in,” says the studio, “and have given us a great start as a developer.”


  1. Looking at the disastrous iOS sales where hardly anything sells more than 1,500 copies thanks to overwhelming number of developers & titles being released, where more & more often only the biggest publisher backed titles sell, many of those indie devs would do well to give minis a look, would be even better of Sony supported them by opening them up to Trophies etc

  2. I’m hoping they do a full OMG-Z…the whole branching level structure was rather nice!

    • Another vote for OMG-Z, it’s the perfect mini. Real bite-size gameplay with a rewarding progression. Played it through on PSP, and then downloaded it and played it through on Vita.

      Not sure the concept would scale up to a full price game though

      • While it might not be as a full price title we do have plans to revisit OMG-Z in the future :)

  3. Hungry Girrafe is awesome addictive fun. Well done to the Dev on getting one million sales!

  4. Well done to the guys, they make some fantastic games.

    Can’t wait to see what the future holds :)

  5. Great for Laughing Jackal, looking forward to finding out more about the full psn game!

  6. Not interested in Minis. Am interested in full-blown PSN type games (read: High Def and a little more glorious). Consider me on board with attention paid. :)

  7. Was OMG-Z that black and white zombie shooter where you were shooting off a balcony with the cross-hair and the only colour was red blood? If so I’m really surprised it sold so well as I thought it was really poor.

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