Slender – A Free (And Really Scary) Horror Game

Slender is a free PC and Mac horror game based on a long running Something Awful thread where the eponymous nightmarish vision was used to boost the scare factor in a number of Photoshopped images of otherwise not-so-spooky shots.


The game sees the player wandering around a dark forest looking for eight pieces of a puzzle, which would be fine where it not for Slender Man himself providing some sudden (and heart-stopping) scares whenever he appears.

Sadly, the game seems to have vanished from the official site, so you’ll need to scour this Reddit thread for a download, none of which we can verify sadly, but let us know in the comments if you’ve tried it and just how freaked out you were…

Warning: we are not responsible for anything you download from a Reddit link (or elsewhere on the internet) – always use virus and spyware checkers and ensure your operation system, firewalls and common sense are fully up to date.



  1. I haven’t tried it yet but here’re alt links from the comments on Reddit…

    Mac mirror :

    Pc mirror:

  2. snatch these people up Sony!

  3. Looks excellent. The sudden appearance type scares work excellently as shown by FEAR and to a certain extent FEAR 2, although in a more subtle incarnation Amnesia perfected the art of making a truly frightening experience.

    Horror seems to work better in PC titles, most likely because of the small distance between the monitor and the players face.

  4. I did a crazy playthrough of this game @

    this game is not for the weak! HE WILL FIND YOU!…… Muahahahahah

  5. Had this sat in my hard drive for a few weeks and can’t bring myself to play it.
    Have been watching PewDiePie on YouTube scare himself absolutely shitless with it though. Hilarious.

  6. Another note, If anyone knows of any decent, preferably freehorror games for Mac could you let me know? Here or @crawfail

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