WeView Verdict: Velocity

This was the first week in a while where I was genuinely surprised by how low the turn out was. I know Velocity is a minis title, but it’s still a really great game and was recently free to those of you with PlayStation Plus!

A shame that so few people seem to have picked it up, or at least so few picked it up and wanted to write about it, but lets get to those of you who did pick up Futurlab’s teleporting space shooter.

[drop2]Amongst those who got the game for free during its time on PlayStation Plus is BrendanCalls, who admitted that he wouldn’t have picked up a minis title if it hadn’t been free via Sony’s subscription service.

Despite his initial reluctance, he went on to love the game, calling it “fantastic, addictive, fun” with “just as much replay-ability as titles much larger and more expensive.”

He concluded by saying “If [you’re] not buying this game for any reason (such as no trophies) then the main person losing out is you,” which is certainly quite a turnaround from his original position.

Gazzagb was one of you who missed out on the game being free on PlayStation Plus, but it seems he doesn’t care. He said it’s “One of my favourite Mini’s, really addictive, I don’t even care that I didn’t get it for free with PS+, it was well worth the £3.99 I paid.”

Next up is community mastermind, Teflon. Normally I can pull apart a comment and pick out the most important bits, but Teflon clearly felt he could say it all in one sentence so I’ll let him have his whole comment:

Just buy it already, so that hopefully Futurlab will have the cash to make a HD version of it, so that we can all buy it again, because it’s actually awesome enough for me to desperately want to be able to do that, and I feel stupidly guilty for having got it for free on PS+ and now not being able to buy it for money.

And now we turn to this week’s first commenter elpablo79, who seems to be a Futurlab fan, happily commenting that “Futurlab have produced another good game.” They also said that “For the price you pay and the game you get, there is no excuse to miss out,” and that the game is “Enjoyable, innovative and fun.”

Finally it’s TSBonyman‘s turn. Whilst I was tempted to use elpablo79‘s comment as this week’s wrap-up, TSBonyman just said everything that needed to be said so succinctly.

A standout mini and a great little game in its own right, innovative yet with old-school simplicity.

Now it’s time for this week’s verdict, and it’s a pretty simple one to calculate. Seven of you took part, and all seven rated the game as a Buy It. What more needs to be said?


  1. Well I feel Gazzagb would still be better off with plus as he’d have the game plus much more besides for his £4 for the month :-p
    I have the game yet still to play due to a backlog!

    • PS+ doesn’t really interest me. If I were to pay for PSN, I’d want an improved service rather than just discounts and a few features I’d rarely use!

  2. #8 BUY IT

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