Prototype Console, OUYA, Offering Open Game Development

The home console market is currently dominated by Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. However, a new Kickstarter project, OUYA, is looking to change the traditional console gaming model, by opening up game development to anyone who wants to try.

OUYA is an Android powered console that is being advertised as being completely open to developers. Any game made for OUYA would have to have at least some free aspect to it, while allowing developers to, for example, charge for full game unlocks or extra in game items. OUYA also claims that every console will be a dev kit, allowing anyone to create a game for the platform. People will also be allowed to mod the system however they wish.


The full list of specs for the OUYA console claims it will have:

  • Tegra3 quad-core processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • 8GB of internal flash storage
  • HDMI connection to the TV, with support for up to 1080p HD
  • WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
  • Bluetooth LE 4.0
  • USB 2.0 (one)
  • Wireless controller with standard controls (two analog sticks, d-pad, eight action buttons, a system button), a touchpad
  • Android 4.0

The actual Kickstarter is looking for $950,000 and has a month to make that target. It’ll be interesting to see how OUYA, should licensing and funding be met,  will be received by the industry and whether this will mark a new stage in the home console market.

Source: Kickstarter



  1. I have pledged on this. First time I’ve ever done a kickstarter. I really like their open policy and it seems like a great idea.
    Incidentally you mention it being US only but their FAQ does say:

    “Will it work outside of the U.S.?”
    “Yes. Hola. Gaming is global. We wish we didn’t have to charge people extra shipping to send OUYA overseas, but until someone invents teleportation, we’ll have to use the tried-and-true method.”

    • Story updated.

      I’m tempted to pledge something as well.

    • I kicked in for the $225 level (plus extra shipping dollars). Just because it looks like a good idea to drive indie development in a direction I’m more likely to enjoy.

      It’ll either be a really cool little box of tricks or a really cool bit of gaming history – one way or another.

    • I just went for the 99$ + 20$ shipping pledge that includes a console and one controller.
      They are currently sitting at more than 2,3 Million Dollars and it’s still going strong. I’m glad you guys reported on this. At the time of my pledge there were only around 4000 99$ pledges left and 30 minutes later there are only 3800 left.
      I think the community and the open nature of the project will drive this system. This might actually turn out really successful if the right people get their hands on it. I hope the XDA Android community gets involved.

  2. Checking my finances to pre-order this, other consoles be damned this generation, manufacturers and publishers have blown it :l

  3. I think this is a really interesting idea and something i would definitely go for. The industry might not be too keen on a readily ‘hackable’ device but it could be a great platform for homebrew.
    It would quite likely better serve some of my media playback needs too and i could see myself buying one to complement my regular console.

  4. At least it will make a good platform for emulators and as a media center.

    • yeah, this is why i’m interested.

  5. pledged my $245, It looks great, I hope that they get the funding they need :)

  6. This seems like a powerful monster gaming console, but now it’s got to get consumer’s loyalty just like Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo have done, I’ve only just heard of it, so hopefully they get the advertising they need, I do hope they become a success (and competitive with the big three in the nigh future).

  7. might try it one day Playstation is where my heart is.

  8. Ooh ja. I’m interested, but I have a feeling it’ll have horrible support here in Europe, and certainly in Norway. But $120 for a console, that’s not so bad at all, if it escapes toll that is. And it’ll be exciting. I’ll probably end up pledging just for the he’ll of it.

    • $245 pledged, etched controllers were too tempting. My wallet will kill me for this.

  9. This is a really intriguing idea…if it lives up to the hype and gets the support deserves, I can see myself investing it. Certainly seems to sport all the traits the games industry is moving towards. Will definitely pledge something towards it :)

  10. WHAT IS THIS? I need one, despite it being Android.

    I kid.

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