PC Version Of Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD Confirmed

The official Twitter account for the upcoming Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD has just confirmed that there’ll be a PC version “later this summer”, presumably around the same time the PS3 version lands.


The first screenshot has also been released.

THPS HD will launch on Xbox 360 next week and remain exclusive to Microsoft’s platform for approximately a month, after which it’ll appear elsewhere.

We’ll hopefully have a review as soon as we can after Activision fire over the required codes.



  1. Just gimme the PS3 version and I’ll be as happy as a pig in a blanket, a really smelly blanket.

  2. Powerman 5000 used to be great but they’re rubbish now.

  3. My dilemma is this:
    Do I hold out for the graphically superior PC version (and slightly cheaper no doubt) or get it on PS3?
    I have more friends on the PS3 and I’ll be helping Sony,

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