Reminder: LBP Karting Beta Invites Are Rolling Out

Making good on last week’s promise, Sony has been pumping out invites for its latest LittleBigPlanet Karting beta. As in most cases, we’re unsure how Sony pick and choose participants. For me, the invite didn’t come through my main 4-year old account, but a fairly recent alternate one instead.

For those wondering, the file size for the beta is fairly hefty, weighing in at just over 3.5GB.



  1. thats a spicy meatball….but I definitely want to get an invite.

  2. No email yet – perhaps its a bit much to hope for one given that I’m in the Vita beta already…

  3. I really, really erm really don’t care what the file size of this beta will be because i JUST WANT TO BE IN IT! ! ! :P :P :P LoL:D + My poor Sackboy face when i checked my eMails today :( No eMail…SOB SOB…

  4. I really hope I get a code, problem is I tend to make more gadgets than levels, and I’m not really involved in the community aspect – so as far as mm know I’ve barely played it

  5. Downloading :)

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