Some Lengthy LBP Karting Beta Videos Hit YouTube

At the start of one of these videos, the presenter mentions skipping through some tutorials and agreement pages. He might want to nip back and read those pages because we assume that posting these long and interesting videos is in breach of a non-disclosure agreement. We wouldn’t know, we’re not in the public beta ourselves.

Anyway, the first video shows off some of the creation and customisation of the game before some long gameplay sections. Have a look quick, they might get taken down soon.


The second video shows more gameplay and some different tracks.

Source: via NeoGAF



  1. Still haven’t received a code :(

  2. If there is an NDA then Media Molecule just need to look at the 2nd video at 4:43 to see the player’s PSN ID appearing in 3rd place. Oooooops.

    • They’re not usually too bothered, it’s all advertising to them.

  3. I just hope they’ve sorted out the awful almost unplayable loading times from MNR and the awful almost unplayable lag from LBP. Will wait to see if those are sorted before splashing my cash, it’s an inst-purchase if they are.

    Perhaps they should just offered an online option which removes all the customisation, therefore cuts down on the loading etc.

  4. Looks really good! ! ! :P :P :P + You know, i would of gone by all the rules if i got the Beta but they give it to people who post it on YouTube in a second!?!? ;-/ (i am a BITTER SackBoy) LoL:D

  5. Really hoping I get a Beta code for this… and I promise not to post my gameplay to YouTube for the world to see!

  6. Loading times seem a bit better than MNR at least so that’s a good thing. I would like to see some of the ‘anything in a 3d space’ possibilities though.

  7. looks great, can’t wait to see full customisation for tracks. Not yet got a code :(

  8. ah, thought they might have some of the create mode in the videos. Bummer

  9. Looks good but still ain’t the mighty mario kart MNR wasn’t bad apart from loading times trouble finding full races and disconnections.

  10. I didn’t get a beta code either, but this game does look good, no denying that. :-)

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