Price Confirmed For Console Angry Birds – It’s Ridiculous

Activision is publishing the 3DS and HD console versions of the Angry Birds Trilogy, which we reported yesterday. The giant publisher has now confirmed, to USA Today, the pricing of this new package’s release on the new platforms.

The 3DS version will retail for $29.99 while the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions will have a recommended retail price of $39.99. All three games at their regular iOS prices would set you back around $6.


Of course, with the iOS or other existing versions, you don’t get the platform specific features like Move or Kinect functionality on the HD consoles or stereoscopic 3D on the 3DS. Is that worth paying many times more for? Not in my opinion.

Source: USA Today



  1. What’s that sound? The sound of it crashing and burning.

    • Agreed, fella. I think Angry Birds is great fun and wanted to play it on the PS3 with the Move controller (and obviously in HD) but sod that. £15 would’ve been my limit. Oh well. Good luck, Rovio.

    • Wait until people find out it’s a downloadable title…

    • Not exactly. Idiots will still flock over to buy it because, you know, its Angry Freakin’ Birds. Its one of the greatest games since Mario, according to them.

      • They would have to be idiots to spend that kind of dough on it.

      • Flock.

        I see what you did there :)

  2. LOL

    • My thoughts exactly.
      At that arrogant price I hope it fails, (and slightly because I hate the game).

      • That said, I guess it can’t really fail since it’s the biggest selling game of all time, but on console.

  3. That’s hilarious. Good old Activision.

  4. Are you serious ? :D I like when they overprice these things, that way I don’t spend anything, if it were cheaper I would, in this case I won’t :D

  5. They can have 2 LBP T-Shirts, and that’s it.

  6. Hahahaha.

    You don’t get the platform specific stuff like touch on these versions either.


    This has well cheered me up.

    • Now there’s a avatar photo blast from the past….Huskies springs to mind immediately ;-)

  7. I can see this dropping in price fast. I wouldn’t spend anything more then a fiver, especially since I can get it free on my phone.

  8. Well, £29.99 is a lot, probably £22 when retailers start discounting it & I can’t see it selling many before a price drop.

    With kinect/move & 3D support it would be quite a good buy once it drops enough

  9. People will buy this for trophies. YOU are one of those people.

    It’s also not altogether crazy. HD versions are more expensive, there won’t be any IAP, and the license fees from Sony etc are a huge part of this, plus shipping, packaging and so on.

    £30 worth? Maybe not, but it won’t be far off.

    • Only if it has plats :)

      3 plats and it’ll sell 1 basic list for each or overall (more likely).

      Eitherway it’s a blatant rip-off. £10 on psn would have been stretching it but £30 no ta.

      • If anyone pays £40 for the fact that it might come with 3 plats, they are absolutely mental in my book.

      • 3 plats……… I’m thinking about it ;-p

    • I’m sure the porting, licensing, manufacture and distribution costs all add up. I’m not sure how refactoring for HD would impact their budget since they’ll already have >HD assets made for the iPad version? So there are plenty of overhead considerations that make a price hike unavoidable but most consumers (clearly…) don’t consider those added costs when they stand looking at a price tag.

      Consumers will see something that has already been valued elsewhere suddenly be revalued at ten times the price. Those with options will opt for a different platform (if they don’t already own a version of the game) and convince themselves it’s the same experience (and really, it’s not going to be too far off).

      It’d be really interesting to know exactly how well PopCap did with their full priced Plants Vs Zombies release for the DS and if that success/failure had any impact on the lack of subsequent full cartridge DS releases of other PopCap games. It would also be fascinating to see if the digital distribution and budget price of Fruit Ninja Kinect proves a more successful mobile port than this route to retail for Angry Birds.

      • Well on Vita the price point of £9 was decent considering the higher than normal console prices compared to handhelds.

        That can’t of price hike is that bad but the price hike of the DS version was disgusting unless Nintendo’s licensing is 70% or something?

      • Well I already owned Plants vs Zombies on PC, I was actually excited to repurchase it for $10 on my Vita but when I went to its store page… yeah, disappointment. I’m not purchasing it until it goes on sale, it’s kind of a slap to the face. I don’t care that it has a platinum achievement, it’s a game millions of people already own and its price is just way too high compared to on any other platform- except the DS version. That was kind of a joke.

        I remember reading an article from some CNET or Engadget writer saying that Vita owners should feel offended they aren’t getting Angry Birds; I disagreed, but I definitely would’ve CONSIDERED getting the whole collection at the $6 iOS price.. Now I’m genuinely proud that we don’t even have the option to purchase such an overpriced, crappy collection of games, we’re untainted by its influence.
        Sure, porting, licensing, manufacture and distribution costs add up hardcore but this is why they should’ve stayed digital. They’re just not at the level of quality of the average retail game, it’ll become even more pronounced when they’re played on a console.
        The argument that a price raise due to optimization for one platform is okay is pretty absurd. They had to make the game for its initial platforms, optimizing a port for a different platform doesn’t justify a price raise. It justifies its original price on the new platforms. This criticism is mostly leveled at Plants vs Zombies but it definitely applies to Angry Turds as well. So very disappointing.

    • Surely the majority of the graphics work are vectors anyway, if this is the case then the cost increase because of HD is a desperate excuse.

      It’s a ludicrous price, set as such because of the industry standard pricing for games. It’ll be very interesting to see the sales figures for this a couple of months after release.

  10. what the heck, is this a very early April Fools joke?

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