There Will Be 34 MGS 4 Trophies

Konami has confirmed, via an official press release, the news that MGS 4 will be getting Trophies. There will, apparently, be 34 of them.

Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH today announced it is to release free DLC for its multi-million-selling METAL GEAR SOLID 4: Guns of the Patriots title for PlayStation 3.

As part of the continuing celebrations of the METAL GEAR series’ 25th anniversary, Kojima Productions has revisited its best-selling title to add 34 new Trophies to the game.

METAL GEAR SOLID 4: Guns of the Patriots concludes the tale of series hero’ Solid Snake, as the ageing stealth operative is drawn into a final mission where a genetically-raised army is amassing familiar weapons under the leadership of an old enemy.

We’ll see if we can find out what those trophies might be.


This morning we confirmed that there will also be a “full” install option when the game re-releases in August, although it’s not clear if this applies to the patch too.



  1. DLC? WIN!

    • “free”, WIN!

      • Yay! And ‘concludes the tale’, and ‘final mission’, does this mean they’ve just confirmed that MGS5 isn’t going to be a Snake game after the events of 4?

      • @ron_mcphatty…
        All i know is Kojima has recently said, he’s not done with Snake.
        Which I was very glad to har.

      • Ah yeah I remember that story, ta. I also just read on that he will make an announcement about 5 at the 25th Anniversary do!

  2. Free DLC? years after the game came out? *pinchs self*

    • You still think MGS is an ordinary “game”?

  3. !

  4. And for the platinum: zoom in while picking up your cigarette after dropping it on purpose.

    You know you’ve done it :)

  5. Okay, that just made putting all those previous opportunities of adding a trophy patch out of the water, this is just too cool.

    • Woops, I accidentally commented twice, please forgive me, it was a browser error.

  6. Okay, that just put all those previous opportunities of adding a trophy patch out of the water, this is just too cool.

  7. Its too bad the online part was shut down, not that they made is easy to join in the online with there own ID system

  8. I really want to see what the trophy requirements are.
    This is a game I simply have to platinum (I completed it 100% without trophies so I’ll certainly complete what’s needed with trophies) but if I have to do the Big Boss Extreme and Chicken playthroughs again I think I’ll cry :(
    Especially the Crying Wolf battle … that was controller-breakingly frustrating on the BBX run.

    And free DLC? Veeery interesting

    I have to get some gaming time. Before this I have to watch the other 3 ME3 endings, actually get past the tutorial on RDR and get started on my MGS HD collection. Oi vey, the trouble with being busy!

  9. Love extra challange/branch trophies give to a game.
    RDR highlighted it to me, its the challange.
    Taking you somewhere ingame you might not have gone & doing something you might not have done, possibly with a lasting effect on the character(s,) environment & story.

    The end reward, no matter how small or quirky, is a nice bonus.
    (i do love that ping though. %*#@, i’m a lab rat.)

  10. They just feel gulity because they took away my beloved MGO.

    • Oh yeah i forgot about that. Lets just hope there no trophies for the online mode cus then no ones getting the platinum :)

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