If PS Mobile Ends Up On PS3, Where Does That Leave Ouya?

[videoyoutube]Ouya’s primary USP is the fact that it’s open source, and thus anyone (in theory) can create games for it. In practice, of course, developer take-up will be one of those things that we’ll have to just wait and see on.

In the meantime, Sony’s own PS Mobile offers a similar route for indie devs right now on PS Vita and across a multitude of Android devices.


But it’s not currently available on PS3 – or rather, the PS3 isn’t a target for PS Mobile’s build process. Not yet, anyway.

And there’s no real reason why this couldn’t change. Speaking to Digital Spy, Sony’s Kish Hirani said that they’d “love” to get PS Mobile onto the front-room console.

“The interesting challenge is how do you put a touch interface on the PS3, because it doesn’t have one,” he said. “We’d love to put it on there, but wouldn’t want to make a half-baked job where something already works.”

Of course, the SIXAXIS controller already has plenty of buttons, but part of PS Mobile’s feature list is easy touch screen control. “An interesting one would be if you use PlayStation Move, but again, it’s a lot of work involved in there,” said Hirani.

“I’d love to play a lot of games I do play [on PS3]. If it’s on the PS3 it’s usually very quick, and what better to do than a game I’ve purchased on Android, switch on your PS3 and play it on the big screen, and just play it and have a quick go?”

Sounds promising.

PS Mobile was updated this morning, bringing in-app purchases.



  1. I was thinking they’d have to run an Android emulator, but given it runs on Vita they may already have that issue nailed? And as we’ve seen with the cross-compatibility of minis it looks like there’s a lot of code crossover.

    • As I understand it the PS Mobile SDK is based around the Mono implementation of .NET technologies. Sony would need to port the Mono VM to the PS3 and implement the PS Mobile API on the system. So I don’t think they will need to emulate Android.

      • @bowie. You are right the Mono CLR is all that is required to implemented on the PS3. I would not be surprised if there is already one out there somewhere.

  2. Flight Control was a great touch game that worked with Move really well, but I don’t know if it’d be possible for everything.

    One start-off point could be a reversal of Remote Play- a ‘mirroring’ option, where we could put something happening on the Vita or a PS-certified phone onto the TV’s screen via PS3.

  3. I don’t think this is really a concern for Ouya, it’s main concern is free to play Android content. If you can play PS mobile content then that’d be a nice bonus but it certainly isn’t why I’m getting one and I suspect that’s true of most customers

  4. Ouya isn’t as restrictive as PS Suite would be on the PS3. Sony doesn’t want you instll an alternative browser? Nobody can prevent you from doing that on Ouya.
    Also, the Ouya is cheaper.
    PS Suite has potential but I’m sure Sony already has multiple strategies ready to make sure that PSS doesn’t live up to it…

    • Yeah, leave that to Sony to screw themselves up.

  5. I can’t see Sony bringing out another variant on the DS3 with a touch pad, although the official clip-on chat pad has a track-pad feature, albeit one that hasn’t really found much use on PS3 so far.
    Ouya will have the advantage of a built-in trackpad on the controller, plus a free dev sdk, but it will be up against the main players where the industry is concerned.
    Will there be room for both? I hope so.

  6. To be fair though, Ouya isn’t competing with PS3, 360, or Nintendo’s Wiis.

    If it tries to, it will fail. Android isn’t about to be filled with tons of games designed for a controller (might be compatible, but if I’m making an Android game, be sure touch is getting priority) and aside from streaming options which aren’t feasible for most to use, the games won’t stack up.

    It’s got to angle for an alternative position, to be the second console or media centre or it will fail.

    • They are using the Android platform so it’s inexpensive to have an SDK integrated with the Tegra processor. I don’t believe, on the other hand, that they want mobile games running on OUYA, they want to take it head-to-head with Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. They won’t have as much horse power, but I believe it’s enough to get some attention with a hardware that’s better than the Wii and costs 30% less (I’m talking specs and prices, not games). How they’ll fare is another matter, they announced the console but had no real games to demonstrate on a prototype hardware, which is a bad sign for something aiming for a February 2013 release.

    • Not yet. But just imagine if the succeed, they my evolve to provide more decent games, from big developing studios on lower prices. Console for 100 bucks serving for example Assassin Creed 3 for 20 bucks. Then It would be a competition, in the big time

  7. I don’t think PS Mobile will work on PS3 due to split memory and non-arm processor.

    • There’s mono for PPC processors, so this is a non-issue. The whole goal with Mono is that the CLR bytecode is universal, just the VM is hardware dependent and it’s a matter of adapting an existing PPC VM to the PS3.

      About RAM, what’s the issue with split memory? Yous PC has split memory and it’s fine, system RAM is in one place and video RAM is exclusive to the GPU on dedicated boards. I’d say that having only 256MB RAM could pose some trouble, if you need to use a Mono VM and other stuff there. But, still enough to run lots of stuff.

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