Deadpool Videogame Announced

How do you do this? How do you write a news post about a game you don’t actually understand, appreciate, follow? Not only do I not know who Deadpool is, I’m not even familiar with the material he’s apparently been in already – X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions.

It’s actually quite easy. The trailer’s impressive, it’s got Nolan North behind it and High Moon Studios, they of Transformers: Fall of Cybertron fame, are the guys sat at the desks punching in the numbers. Sometimes you don’t have to have all the answers – you just have to open your eyes.

The trailer’s currently here, behind IGN’s rather, er, bespoke media player. A YouTube version is below, but you’ll have to verify your age.

Activision will publish; consoles TBC.


  1. Duke Nukem in a gimp suit?

  2. Ha! “Call me”. Not creepy at all. :)

  3. Deadpool is awesome, glad they went with Nolan North as he is great in Shattered Dimensions and Marvel vs Capcom. Looking forward to this.

    • Even better in the Wolverine vs Hulk animated piece, which I think was the first time he played Deadpool.

  4. Oh dear god thank you for the warrning, i can lock my doors and take my phone off the hook now, my mate is a massive deadpool fan and he litraly wont shut up about this to me when he finds out.

    • so is my hubb – remember playing one of those marvel games and he provided great annoyance teleporting all over the place

      but hey nothing wrong with a serious schizoid – bipolar (mainly manic) disorder sufferer packing guns…shooting everything while he tells jokes and talks to himself

      if he was English he’d probably yell ‘AVIT as he team killed you

  5. Can we please have some other top class, male voice actors enter the industry.
    North & Hamill, 2 guys in the gaming version of Hollywood, 2 guys.
    I think North is great at his job, but as soon as I read he’s involved, I get put off.
    It’s the Jennifer Hale syndrome all over again, well maybe not as bad(yet,) as she even voiced two characters in one game(Naomi & Rose in MGS4.)
    Partly my fault for subconsciously type casting him, but more so, by the apparent lack of A-listed voice actors in existence.

    • I agree. Would have been cool to draft in Ryan Reynolds who played him in Wolverine and is apparently playing him in his own movie.

  6. I’m not a comic book guy but there’s something of the flavour of Venture Brothers and Archer about this, i like.

  7. Odd… no movie then?

    thank heavens more like this please *cough Iron Man *Cough *cough Fantastic Four, Hulk *cough.

    So many potential games ruined by Movies, heck the Hulk: Ultimate Destruction game was great fun. So I’m glad Deadpool is getting its own game rather than…. erm a movie.

      • now starring Ryan Reynolds. gahd damn.

      • IMDB Is not reliable, and this was made public years ago, but no one is working on it, Marvel were very put off by Ryan Reynolds playing Green Lantern and that’s probably why it’s been put on hold.

  8. Bloody awesome! That is all :)

  9. this game looks stupid, just like Chainsaw Lollipop.

  10. Love Deadpool! He’s my favourite Marvel character, so I’ll definitely be pre-ordering this.

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