The Next Batman Game To Be Set In The 1950’s

According to Variety the sequel to Batman Arkham City will be actually be a prequel set in the 1950’s, and will be ‘highly stylized’.

The game is said to revolve around Batman’s first meeting with the Joker and will be based on the Silver Age of DC Comics from the same time period.

This is the time in which Batman and chums founded the Justice League of America. I expect Kris is running about the room screaming like a girl right at this moment.

Variety say the game is most likely to appear in 2014.

Source: Variety



  1. Please have Adam West as the voice!

    • Looking forward to breaking out the shark-repellent spray!

      • BLAM! WAMO! KAPOW! dont forget the anti penguin gas pills :D

    • Robin: “I guess you can never trust a woman.”
      Batman: “You’ve made a hasty generalization, Robin. It’s a bad habit to get into.”

  2. I hope it’s more Batman and less Justice League of America. Superman will just spoil it.

  3. Sounds interesting…

  4. Is this just a rumor from Variety or has someone from Rocksteady confirmed this?
    I doesn’t sound likely, because of all the lose ends in Arkham City.

  5. Would be amazing, if it revolved around flashbacks of Batman first meeting the Joker! As thommie said above, there are loose ends in Arkham City, and I would like to see them ended!

  6. I remember an article on here a while back about some footage of a Batman game set in the 50’s that had been scrapped. I seem to remember the cape being SUPER flowy to show off their fluid engine or something.
    Maybe this new game is why it was scrapped? Have we been robbed of a potentialy great game because the more profitable company bought them out? It is by the Arkam City developers though so it should be good.
    I dont even know who was developing the other, canned one. Their game might have been rubbish anyway. We will never know.

    • Wasn’t that version set much earlier? It was jack the ripper era if I remember correctly. Nothing to do with the 50s from the footage I saw.

      • Yeah it was a prototype steampunk style Batman, nowhere near 1950s

  7. Actually upon re-reading the article I think someone from Variety found that old footage and just assumed it was a new game.

  8. *Spoilers for Arkham City*

    I seem to remember Mark Hamill insinuating he would be in the sequel, this would certainly explain how that is possible.

  9. “Dont worry robin, we will know where the joker is hiding as soon as the 500kb image of his hidout loads, only 5 hours left on the download timer the bat-computer”

  10. dance off part confirmed!

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