Disney Get Wreck It Ralph In To Sonic’s New Racer

Sega has just announced that the star of Disney’s upcoming movie about video games, Wreck-It Ralph, will get a driving slot in Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed.

The reformed video game bad guy will have his own unique vehicle transformations and All Star special move. His appearance in the game might be thanks to the relationship formed when Sonic makes his cameo in the movie, due out this November (although delayed until February 2013 in the UK).


That release date handily coincides with the release date for Sega’s racer, which is also due on PS3, 360, 3DS and Vita in November.

It’s a blurry line between videogames and movies this autumn, isn’t it? Let’s watch the trailer again:

Source: Press release



  1. So it’s now “Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed Plus-a-bit-of-disney-because-one-of-this-segas-stars-appeared-in-one-of-their-movies-once”

    That’s quite a mouthful! :)

    I suppose that’s why they dropped the sega part from the title then.

  2. the movie’s delayed or the game?
    because if it’s the game, meh, but it would suck if we have to wait like three months.
    i don’t know why they still do this, it’s like they want people to pirate it.
    it’s bloody stupid. >_<


    the kart racing game seems to be a fairly big part of the plot of the movie so it's not a bad tie in.
    maybe we'll see Ralph in the next street fighter as well.

    • the movie is out in the US at the start of November but doesn’t come out in the UK until the middle of February. It’s like someone at Disney bought shares in a torrent client and wants to give them a little boost in December, isn’t it? Utterly stupid.

  3. wait like three months for the movie i meant.

    this is what happens when i get pissed off, my writing skills, such as they are, get worse.

    you don’t wanna see what it would look like without the spell checker. ^_^

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  5. So looking forward to this game. I felt like the only one who loved the original and I can’t wait to see what they’ve done to the series

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