HMV Advert Claims The 3DS XL Has Two Analog Sticks

[drop2]For some reason, one HMV branch appears to think that the Nintendo 3DS XL – out next week – will come with two analog sticks.

“Ideal for left handed players,” says the blurb, as seen in the image, and, amusingly, “better precision during gameplay.”


That’s great, except that the Nintendo 3DS XL doesn’t have a second analog stick on the right – this looks like it’s a fan made mock-up taken from the internet.

Also, is that even an XL?

You can see the ad in more detail here.



  1. This would explain I guess why my mate (who works at HMV) thought the new 3DS came with a second analogue stick. It took several links before he was convinced otherwise.

  2. I wonder how much they paid for this exclusive? I’m sure they’ll pay for it in some form soon…

  3. Finally two analog sticks…
    >Charges Vita.

  4. Oh no! :O

    Ok, own up HMV – Who coulnd’t be bothered with the marketing & got the tea boy to scour the internetz for images of a 3DS XL eh?

    • Can’t really blame them, though. Who didn’t wish for a second analog stick? ; )

  5. HMV you dumbass. That is a normal DS that has been through a generous helping of photoshop. Surely someone who was putting this advert together knows something about the console.

  6. fact checking FTW. ^_^

  7. Epic Fail.

  8. Looks like HMV’s face just came into alignment with a generous helping of egg.

  9. HMV are so desperate for sales, so why not show a fake picture.

    • Um, credibity & not having to give refunds for false advertising perhaps?

      • well bait and switch is illegal

        just think the money you could make suing them over fraud..enough to buy a ps vita with Persona 4 Golden maybe

  10. I don’t think you could pay me to pick up the 3DS/XL. It’s just… horrible.

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