Famitsu Confirms Yakuza 1 & 2 HD

An early edition of Famitsu obtained by Tales Source has confirmed the rumoured HD remakes of the first two Yakuza games.

As well as improved graphics, the games will have faster load times. You can now manage your item box in the phone booth (steady on!) and food that has been eaten will have a check mark.


A pre-order bonus of the original PS2 packaging remade for the PS3 Blu-ray box will be available when the game launches on November 1st in Japan.

Source: Andriasang



  1. I hope yakuza 1 & 2 ain’t as boring as yakuza 3.. Yes I said it yakuza 3 = boredom half of the game babysitting what idiot makes a baby sitter game!

    • An idiot that can’t have children.

    • I agree that the orphanage sections were slightly overdone in 3, but they in no way made up half of the game!

      Besides which, i don’t believe that there are any orphanage pars in 1 & 2, as i think that was only introduced in 3.

    • Yakuza has you babysitting an orphanage?

      Damn Jap’s are a bit mental.

      Now babysitting a brothel now sign me up.

      • Not as such – You own/run the orphanage, as Kazuma has stepped away from the Yakuza lifestyle at the beginning of the game.

        Obviously this wouldn’t make for much of a game in the Yakuza series, so rest assured that things change, but i can’t really say how or why for the sake of spoilers.

    • Sad.

  2. Trophies included?

    • There should be as it’s being called a remake rather than just a re-release.

      I recently got Yakuza 4 off eBay, mostly for the sexy steelbook it came in, but maybe I should wait and play these first?

      • Cool i may get these, i’ll have 2 play Yakuza3 1st to see if i enjoy it (its in my backlog)

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